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Sust 350 & Dbol Advice?

Hi Everyone, I am about to run a cycle of
wk 1-10 Susta 350 1ml a week
wk 1-5 Dbol 20 40mg a day

I have clomid for my PCT.
100mg of clomid first day
50mg for 3 weeks

What is your guys opinion on this cycle? Should I get nolvadex for during cycle for the Dbol?

This is my first steroid cycle in over 3 years.

You should get Nolva for your pct. It’s just less likely to cause the nasty sides of Clomid and it works better in general.

I like running test out to 12 weeks. I prefer C or E to Sus and no more than 200mg/ml to avoid serious PIP. Nolva is preferred for PCT but I’ve never had issues personally with clomid. I don’t run AI but have some just in case when I blast.

Thank you ! So the rest looks good ?

What is AI and what do you you mean blast? Sorry I am not familiar

You better look that up ASAP… if you are gonna stack test and dbol with its tons of E sides. Other wise you might end up a watery gyno mess.