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Sust 325 - Deca 300 - Dbol 10mg Cycle


Hey guys - I'm back after doing more research, training more and getting all my gear in hand. Current stats - 31 yrs old - 5'11" 195 lbs - scale says I'm 18 percent body fat but I believe it's actually less. I'm training like a man possessed and after doing manual labor for 8 hrs, I hit the gym hard for a little under 2 hrs. I have Sust 325 10 ml - Deca 300 10 ml - and 100 dbol pills 10 mg - huge bottle of liquid tamoxifen - 30 21 gauge pins/darts.

I did my first injection 2 days ago in my right quad .5 ml of sust .5ml of Deca and have been taking 30 mg of dbol spaced out everyday. I plan on doing the injections every three days...dropping the sust to .33 ml every 3 days , along with .33 ml of Deca . For modest totals if 325mg of sust, 300mg deca weekly. Dbol 30mg day for 30 days.

I'm eating for mass , shooting for 5k calories a day composed of 4 52 gram protein shakes , hard boiled eggs , turkey chili , protein bars , jerky and other low fat high protein foods . Drinking water like it's going out of style. The only questions I really have would be does anyone experience any euphoria after injecting? Afterwards I felt like I was high a bit, maybe the adrenaline rush or anxiety it gave me felt like a buzz? Also does the dbol work right away? I had probably my best workout ever after taking it before the gym... Too early to be feeling stronger or is it psychological ?

I feel taking 325mg of test is underdosed in relation to the Deca but that's all I could get and plan to do an 8 week - cutting out the Deca week 7 . I waited over a month to get this gear , should I up the sust to 625 mg a week and order another vial or just roll with what I have. This is my first cycle ... I know everyone usually does a test only cycle there first time - but I'm all in now !


M8 you should of kept it simple sus 1ml deca 1ml in the one syringe once a week for 10 weeks D-bol 20mg/day for first 6weeks of cycle. Id recommend you get clomid too imo.


Please stop posting here. If you make more posts like this, they'll be reported.


I wish it were that simple. I'm not a fan of injecting 3 times a week....from everything I've read, every other day would be ideal - 3 times a week I hope will be enough to keep my levels somewhat stable. I did get some clomid today 50 50mg tabs.

I've stretched my stomache somewhat and today it was easier to eat more. I've gained 3.5 lbs in about 4 days so far.


What reported lol? i suppose i should be telling him not to run deca and go with test only 500mg week for 10-12weeks but no hes already started and this cycle i said to run is fine could you pls tell me whats wrong with it??????????? i know guys who have gained plenty of test/deca low dose especially first cycle so go on ahead report me lol



You advised injecting sust and deca once per week. If you want to do things half assed that's fine. Advising someone publically to do the same, not fine.

PLease use punctuation. It is almost impossible to read your posts.

How old you? Not 18 like the profile says, right?



The more experienced and knowledgeable posters on here endeavor to keep the standard of advice in the forum as high as possible.

Whilst I don't question for a moment that your intentions when offering advice were honorable, the OP had ignored the newbie posting rules, hasn't read the stickies and clearly doesn't have a good idea of what he is using.

Sustanon needs to be injected every other day to maintain stable levels of the proprionate ester and minimize side effects, and the deca needs to be discontinued-I can't remember exactly when because I don't use it, but I think- two weeks before the end of the cycle so as recovery is not impeded.

Tamoxifen won't protect him from progesterone induced gyno from the deca, like adex will- and yes, he needs clomid or nolva (I preferred clomid but everyone seems to favor nolva nowadays) for PCT which he did not mention.

A good rule of thumb I believe is 2:1 test to deca, but like I sad I've never used it so can't really say, though the OP sounds inexperienced so likely has no idea how he will react to the deca, and if he has no idea, you don't either, which is why its best for him to prepare for every contingency like potential libido problems from prolactin, which were also not mentioned.

Anyway, good luck OP, you already seem to be in full swing so let us know how you get on...


You advised injecting sust and deca once per week. If you want to do things half assed that's fine. Advising someone publically to do the same, not fine.

PLease use punctuation. It is almost impossible to read your posts.

How old you? Not 18 like the profile says, right?


28 m8 if you look again, iv only being using gear for last 4years, being training jus over 7years properly, i am 100% sure you have more experience with it then me and well respected here on T-Nation, im just saying from my experience and other guys i know who have cycled to be honest i got most of my info from anabolics2006 but this is all learning for me also, i had no probs when i injected sus once per week obviously now i know that was inproper practise thanks to you.


I have read the newbie posting rules...I've already posted required pics,etc.
I've reread the stickies...front to back, back to front. I did pick up 50mg Clomid tablets. I plan on cutting out the deca 2 weeks before the test.
I've order more sust, and have adjusted the every 3 day dosage, its not 2:1 ratio but better. I feel good...injection spots look good and I'm hitting it hard at work and in the gym...I feel that the dbol preworkout has really improved my strength and endurance, letting me lift heavier weight and more sets per workout. I'm definately retaining some water and seeing green blue veins in my chest I've never seen before. I will continue to update this thread with my progress. Thanks Bush


Quick update...
Still on my program of injections every 3 days - .4 ML of Sust 325 - .3 ML of Deca 300 - 30 mg of DBol ED.
19 Days in and I'm definately feeling it... increased strength and energy , great workouts and I feel great.
I do feel like my skin has become increasing oily, I've been super vigilant about keeping clean and oil free and have gotten very little acne so far.
I look more toned already and and getting vascular as well. I've been trying to eat at least 4 k calories everyday and keep it clean.
I gained 8 lbs the first week but it swung down to 5 lbs in 19 days. I have more sust coming soon....and may extend my orginal 8 week cycle to 10 weeks.
Injections are a pain in the ass (literally) with these 28 g pins...I've been alternating glutes then quads then back to glutes, etc.
I always aspirate and I get nothing but tiny bubbles when I pull back the plunger....I freaked out a bit when I pulled the pin out of my quad and blood came out the injection site (thought I hit a vein) but all is good.
I hope to hit it hard these next couple weeks, strict diet and training for some better gains.


You will often see blood come out from where u pull the pin out. Nothing to worry about there. If you see blood in the needle when u aperate then just pull back a little and change the angel and try again.

Good call on getting more sust. The Dbol is where most of your gains are coming from right now but everything else should be kicked in now and your recovery should be instant and as long as you keep your calories up you should have more good gains to come.
Keep us up to date on your results.


Update - Day 25 - I have gained 7 lbs since day 1 , weighing 202 lbs right now. Still lifting and eating heavy - I feel strong as hell and having been getting in some great work outs. I plan to stop using the dbol in 5 days, I've been taking 30 mg everyday religously and have plenty left to extend its usage for another week or two but I won't. I feel like the sust has finnally kicked in at last. My facial hair is growing like crazy. As for side effects I haven't had any bloat or gyno...I have started to get some acne on my back going straight up my spine- i bet from the increased oil production and the fact that my arms and shoulders are getting swole and inflexible that I can't reach without a backwasher. Gotta get one. At least there's no acne on my face so far ( knock on wood ) . I'm pleased with the results so far and look forward to more gains in my remaining 6 weeks.


Day 34 -

Off the Dbol.
202 lbs , up 7 lbs from day 1 but didn't gain a pound this week. Eating clean.
Got 2 new bottles of Sust I'm itching to try, different stuff in 5ml vials from Japan...going to finish up the 10ml bottle of sust325 first.
I keep waiting for my nuts to shrink super small but they haven't yet - good or bad?
Training hard....I've shortened my rest time between sets to about a minute and I've been able to squeeze alot more sets during my trip to the gym. Injections are becoming easy almost painless. I've started showering before and after work and the backacne seems to be under control, but my wife thinks I'm cheating on her now!


This is pretty much the exact cycle I was thinking of running. I'm in the middle of my first ever cycle, test e 500 mg a week and deca 300mg a week and making good gains. I was thinking about repeating and experimenting with the dbol as a kickstart.