Sust 270

So some Sust 270 just fell into my hands unexpectedly.
These are the compounds in it:
ace 20mg
prop 30mg
phenylprop 60mg
isocaproate 60mg
decanoate 100mg

I can get 10ml vials.

I’ve ran 2 test e cycles, and now that this presented itself in such easy reach I am going to take the plunge with Sust for my 3rd cycle.

I’m 25 6’2" 205lbs 10%BF

I want to do a shorter winter cycle, (last two cycles were 10-12 weeks)

I’ve been researching and came to the conclusion for Sust I should inject twice a week like test E. I also heard that every 5 days is fine.

If i did every 5 days then One 10 ml vial would last me about 7 weeks (50 days). I would implement proper A.I. use during and start my PCT 3 weeks after my last pin. (that’s what i’ve been reading ppl do for pct start time with sust) Sound good? Thoughts?

Or i could get 1.5 vials (15ml) cuz i would split one vial with my training partner who is doing the same cycle. This way i could inject twice a week and last 7.5 weeks.

I do not want to propose an exact cycle yet as i am just fishing for good advice. Thank you in advance for your time.

I would pin EOD