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SUST 250

I have been on Sust 250 for two weeks and I dont feel a dang thing. Em I doing something wrong?

Did you get it from a reliable source? It may be junk!

its made by organon. and i have amp’s… befor i picked up the 250 i had test cyp and deca, i was on that for 5 weeks falt nothing so i picked this up… the test cyp /deca was off brand crap…

2 weeks and not a thing? Humm, I noticed a rather radical change in my sex drive two weeks and all the bulk of my strength and aggression came from dbol and tren.

i do feel the sex drive is higher, and my balls gotten smaller. but size or strength nothing.

[quote]eatbig87 wrote:
i do feel the sex drive is higher, and my balls gotten smaller. but size or strength nothing.[/quote]

Either make a legitimate post with stats, your cycle outline, some idea of your current training routine, and a typical days worth of food OR go away and stop making pointless posts that no one can possibly provide input about.

sorry about that bonez. but if it helps i have been working out for about 3 years. i starded out at 165 pounds, worked my ass off none stop. got up to 195 and i wanted to do a show so i cut down to do the show…

after the show i hit it hard started eating big all day… finely got up 215… so today im at 6’2 at 216 bf is about 10%…

how do i eat i dont have a fixed diet but i eat clean and every 2hr if i cant eat a meal, then i put down a pro-shake…

about my cycle: week1-8 test cyp
week1-8 deca
after taking that for 5 weeks i falt nothing not even more sex drive.so i picked up some name brand sust 250 and fin thats what im running now…

sust 250 at 500mg ew
fin at 75mg ead

still dont feel much, some sex drive, and smaller balls… but only been on it for about 3 weeks… just asking if anyone could tell me way…

Lol, what should one feel? Are you stronger? fuller? Sleeping better? If your not growing, then you’re not eating. If your balls are shrinking then the gear is real.

with sust you probably wont feel anything till week 5 or so, even then, what are you looking to feel? 500mg/week isn’t necessarily going to make you feel like a greek god

I’ve been on 1.5g of androgens a week and still feel relatively “normal”.

Just keep training and stop worrying about it.

sounds good!!!

My first cycle was sust250 @ 500mg a week. It was pharm grade and I felt it by the second week. The blend of esters has some shorter ones in it so I’d think by now you’d be feeling it. If you’re experiencing shrinkage then it is working on some level. What’s your AI look like?

Are you pinning ED or EOD? The blend means you have to pin frequently or your going to be all over the place. I found that E3D was too far apart and I was experiencing swings even with just that…so definitely ED if possible.

If you’re not eating enough I don’t know how you can expect to grow. Provided it’s mainly clean, I eat a helluvalot more calories then I do when I’m bulking sans AAS. Just my two cents…

I did sust in the past,1 cc a week at 250mg/ml and I got noticeable gains in strength and size.

In my opinion your not eating enough, not lifting hard and probably not getting enough rest.You say you dont have an outlined diet and if you cant eat every two hours you slam a shake.So what do you not work,You just have shakes laying around.I make my food for work everyday the night before, shakes included.

Get your eating lifting and resting dialed in and start reading everything on here then maybe you will “feel” something.

[quote]eatbig87 wrote:
i do feel the sex drive is higher, and my balls gotten smaller. but size or strength nothing.[/quote]

Long or short esters - two weeks isnt much time to stimulate enough protein synthesis to make changes you can notice that much.

After 6 weeks you should worry (if you didnt frontload), after 3-4 if you did frontload.

The body STILL makes muscle via the same methods AAS or not. AAS dont build muscle, they allow it to become more likely - easier if you like, with the same effort.

But wif you want 10lbs in 2 weeks then you are expecting too little.

With a frontload of AAS (large first dose to achieve peak levels immediately) one can run long estered steroids for cycles of 4 weeks… without, the shortest would be around 6 weeks.
People commonly run test and deca for 12 weeks without frontloading, where do your two weeks stand there?!

Give it time - is that Avartar of you?


im doing 250mg two times a week… i dont feel any swings…
yes i could eat more and im planing out my diet now…my diet is whats holding me back…
work… i work none stop 10 to 13 hr’s a day. im a carpenter so i burn lots of cal’s.
but no i did not front loud because i was on he test-c and deca befor i started the sust-250…
but all and all i put on a little wt around 8 pounds. but i have gotten better from store bount stuff…
this cycle will be done in a week. well thats my last shot…then im starting my pct 2 weeks after that… sounds about right?