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Sust 250 with Anavar or Primo?

Ok, well lets go.

I need advice on sus 250 cycle with anavar or would it be better with primo for my self.

I was thinking of running sus 1000msg/5days and primobolan 400msg/5 days for 10weeks
sus 1000msg/5days and anavar 70mg/day
PCT Nolvadex 40mg/day for 1 week and 20mg/day for 2 weeks

I was thinking of useing it to cut fat but yet still grain good muscle

My backround is
I have been training for 4 years 5days per week and have clean diet.(good protein intake)
Height 1.72m
Weight 93kg
I would like to see better results and cut more fat

The reason for the “or” between anavar and primo is due to my wife wanting to build better muscles and she wants some. (Not The sus250)
So I was wondering which one will work better

I have researched the heck out of it and stand confused

She wants to run primo 100msg/5days and T3/day for 8weeks
Anavar 10mg/day and T3/day for 8weeks

Her backround is
Also trains 5 times per week and very clean diet. (good protein intake)
Height 1.72m
Weight 60kg

Also does she need PCT as well as cant find any thing to suport that

Hope you can help with some sound advice