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Sust 250/Winstrol


hey guys. iv been lurking around these forums for quite some time now. i am 5'8" and 175 lbs and am not sure of my body fat.(def not to much) I have recently got 2 10 ml bottles of sust 250 and 1 20ml bottle of winstrol, and nolvadex and clomid for pct. now from the research i have done on the sust 250, i should take around 250-500 mg a week? iv just seen so many different answers that im not quite sure how much to take.

i got the winstrol so i could be able to perhaps shed some water retention twords the end of the cycle. please have some mercy on me because i did search and tried to find the answer but im just not sure. any input would be great because i didnt start it yet and am not going to untill im sure of what exactly to do. thanks!


Why are your kneecaps dirty?


Theres tons of posts on this forum refering to your question, keep searching and researching then come back when you have specific questions.Also,175? unlcle.ess your solid 175 then i would hold off untill you hit atleast 190ish. in the meantime while you work towards that you will be educating your self to the point where you have a basic knowledge on how to properly put together a cycle.my advice.


thanks for your input sota. but how come u say i should be 190 before i start?


bcuz you don't need roids 2 b 190. try 4 that f1rst.


If the research you have done has stated that you should do 250mg/wk of sus its time to do a lot more research.

Read and re-read the newbie thread. From there read many of the threads on sus. Once that is done then come back and type out your proposed cycle.

If you cant lay out a cycle worth doing at that point it time your research is still not done.


You shouldnt take steroids untill you have reached your natural reach or at the very least come close.But most people go wrong here, i could have easilly gone an extra 2 years of natural training before i started but i was careless and impatient.


thanks for your input guys. lilguy i didnt say 250mg a week. i said 250-500 mg a week and that was my question. i wasnt sure what mg to take


And now all you have to show for your impatience is pounds and pounds of dirty muscle! lol

J/K... I understand your point. My biggest thing is that if you aren't too short and you aren't at least 190ish without AAS, then you simply don't know how to train and if you don't know how to train AAS is the second or third thing you need to think about, not the first.


get sure homey. Post a cycle, read the critiques, and then make the final call.


So true, I also wish I would have waited for a couple of years and another 15-20 lbs. To the OP, perfect your training and nutrition and reap the rewards. Then after you plateau, begin to plan a cycle.


The point is that this is a big difference, and if you don't know that, then you had better refine your research, because the effect upon your body can end up being permanent.


you mean like more permanent muscle right :wink: ha no OP in your case he means permanently FUCKED UP


whats so bad if i have the right pct?? please stop bashing me. i thank you for all your input but, i am an impatient person, like other pl have stated above


How can something be bad if it is RIGHT? Nobody is bashing you but you seriously need to research this on your own. I won't be responsible for an 18 year old kid fucking his gonads up or getting an infection like that waylander fucktard on the other thread.

The info is all here. Just research. After you have researched you will post something that is smarter. That is when people will help you. It's nothing personal, it's just that there is tons of shit out there to read and it's obvious you haven't done that. So get to it and then come back.


In other words, when you want to double check your current understanding then do that and the people here will be happy to help. As it stands you HAVE no understanding. There's not much anyone can do to change that except for you.


1st of alli am not 18 i am 21, i kno it snot much abig difference but whatever. and i wil do some more researech and then i wil post a cycle i made for you all to look at. thanks for the input


lol, I'm not trying to say you are 18, I'm just saying a lot of times 18 year olds come on and they fuck themselves up. Just read that waylander moron's thread.


yeah i can imagine how they fuck themselves up. im tryin to do some research but my search function isnt workin on the site right now?? so ill try to search elsewhere.


Just start by reading the sticky threads at the top of the index.