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Sust-250 & Prop Cycle


Here's a scenario to ponder:

Let's just say, hypothetically speaking, you had 9ml of Sustanon-250 and 35ml of Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml on hand, and that was the ONLY gear you had available.

Forget PCT for the moment, as that would be taken care of with standard Nolvadex protocol.

How would you cycle it, if desired dose range would be 750mg/week ?


Well it's taking more than a half hour for my post to show up and I need to edit it.

Run the sust in the beginning at 500-600mg/wk. You can get about 3-4 weeks of that. Then use the prop at 100mg/ED until it runs out.

I don't really see a point in trying to do fairly complex math to figure out exact ratios of sust/prop to keep the levels perfectly steady. It isn't ideal to have a 200mg bump but it is better than running either alone for 4 weeks.

my opinion.


its practically impossible to keep blood levels stable with sust anyways.

Run it first, then run the prop.




Why do you need to use it all?

I would do an 8 week cycle:

Wk1-6 350mg Sust/wk (50mg/day)
Wk1-6 525mg Prop/wk (75mg/day)
Wk6-8 840mg Prop/wk (120mg/day)

I would frontload the Prop with 350mg the first day.

This would achieve pretty stable levels throughout, even though the esters seem difficult to work with.

Short, high dose, test only cycle. Fuck the esters, they arent important.

Then finish with prop only as sust levels clear, allowing PCT to begin 3-4 days post last inject.



ED injections and a frontload say different actually. Nowhere near difficult let alone impossible.



I was thinking about how to inject for the different esters halflives, which would be a bitch.

You just did the obvious thing and cheated. lol


investing in a big ass pin cushion?

I would also say start with the prop,then use the sust, then finish with prop.

but you will have ed injects for a while.


I completely agree with Brook, basically run them both together for all but the last 2 weeks of the cycle and then an extra 2 weeks of prop while the sust gets out of the system. It is the easier protocol and will keep blood levels stable. Also both need to be shot EOD so it should be no problem.



I know what you meant with the sust - given the 4 esters of varyling lengths, and anything other than daily injections will result in a fluctuation of levels.

However, when injecting Enanthate E3D or 2x/wk does too.. a fluctuation of 10-15 active mgs is fine and easily considered stable enough for our physiology.

But doing ED injections of ANYTHING will result in an exactly level daily dose - after peak levels have been achieved. Add a frontload and these levels will be achieved immediately give or take 5-10 active mgs.



Yeah I'm with you on this one, Brook. That sounds like the best protocol.

In my hypothetical imaginary fantasy world I've done 3 injectable cycles, all at the average dose of 500mg/week, so at the doses you mention (840-875mg/week), it would be the highest I've ever done. If I did follow your suggested cycle I don't know how I would go in terms of sides and whether my hairline will hold up.

I guess all of it doesn't have to be used. However, at the doses you mention, there wouldn't be enough Prop because that totals 4.83 grams of Prop, while there would only be 3.5 grams available according to my original question.

This means that one would probably have to do the cycle as follows:

Wk1-6 350mg Sust/wk
Wk1-6 400mg Prop/wk
Wk6-8 550mg Prop/wk

I'm just talking about this in theory of course, since I don't have the actual gear mentioned above - but it's an interesting line of questioning & theoretical discussion to follow.


Well after 3 cycles of 500mg, i think a fourth at 750mg is a nice bump.

I find that ~750mg gives no noticeable increase in DHT or Estrogenic sides (for me) than ~500mg.
The use of an AI is of course necessary.. and a SERM PCT.

As for doses:

Wk1-6 Sust 350mg/wk (50mg/day)
Wk1-6 Prop 350mg/wk (50mg/day)
Wk7+8 Prop 630mg/wk (90mg/day)
Wk1-8 AI of choice

(Wait 4 days after last shot to begin PCT)

Frontload the Prop with 170mg on first day.

Sust: 8.4ml
Prop: 34.8ml



That sounds spot on. I might as well use all the Sust though (9ml) in this hypothetical scenario, so I would take an extra 0.1ml Sust per week to make it total 725mg for the first 6 weeks.


Oh yeah, plus the higher dosage range would definitely be a nice bump!