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Sust 250/Eq/Masteron


Getting ready to do a 12 week cycle. Sust250/Eq/Mast
.75cc Sust EOD
1cc Eq EOD
1cc Mast EOD

Advice? Pro's/con's?

Roughly 800mg Sust, 800mg Eq, 400mg mast,...

Adex on hand @ .5ml ED if needed.

Stats: 4 years training
5'11 215 BF 10%

Training 4 days on 3 days off..mix with a little cardio

Diet up near 4000 cals Day, calorie rich.

Goals- add 15# with controlled bloat.


Clomid 300/200/100/50 21 days.


Multi Viti, Milk Thistle, Vit B6 & B1 daily throughout.

Thanks for any responses..

Criticism accepted guys!


Can anyone out there please shine some light on my cycle? Hows it look etc...Thank you!


Test/EQ/Mast is probably my personal fave combo. I liked 600/600/600 as a dosing scheme, and consider switching out the Sust for some cyp or enan. At that type of oil volume I'd rather do 12 weeks of 2x/wk, than 12 weeks of EOD shots, but it's up to you.

Adex "on hand"...why?! Running even a low dose of an AI is adviseable for a lot of reasons besides controlling bloat. The masteron is NOT a substitue for an AI...if masteron does indeed control E, I doubt it could be accurately quantified, and without question it sure isn't as effective as a true inhibitor. Start with at least 0.25 mg EOD dex as a minimum. You can adjust it as needed. Clomid PCT is fine, but IMO the massive frontload plan with clomid is not necessary. 50 mg ED gives you all you need. More isn't necessarily better.