Sust 250/DHB Cycle

Hey Guys

So I decided to start a sust 250 and dhb cycle. This is my third cycle.

Week 1 to 12- sust 750mg/ weekly ( m w f pins)
Week 1- 12- DHB 300mg/ weekly (m w f pins )

Arimidex- 0.5mg EOD

Pct- starting week 14 novaldex 40/ 40/ 20/ 20

Any suggestions… Cheers

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Idk what to suggest if you seem to have made your mind already and have all the stuff in place. My OPINION - 750 test is too much for ME. Anything over 400mg for me just fcks my estro, and does nothing else. But thats just me, so idk.


I’d move that to week 15-16, otherwise looks fine


I have to agree, With the long test ester in sust, it’ll take about 4 week to more or less fully come out of your system

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If I was to take hcg, when and how much would be ideal? Thanks again

Take 500iu EOD during the 3-4 weeks you’re waiting to start your PCT

You should keep a log here. DHB is something that is fairly rare to see on this site. Be prepared for some PIP if you don’t know about that (most DHB is supposed to be like injecting liquid fire).

I am considering a cycle very much like your Test/DHB cycle (well a blast not a cycle). I probably will run it a bit longer, and I don’t seem to need AIs with high test, so probably leave that out. I will run Test E vs Sust as it is less expensive, and I think it is just easier to handle one ester test.

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Yup. Its very popular though. Tren ‘light’ like results without as many of the harsh sides.

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Another forum I visit less frequently than T-Nation has lots of talk about DHB. I am not sure why T-Nation seems to be insulated from DHB? Maybe the other forum is a bit more hardcore? Some of the threads I read I almost can’t believe. Just crazy usage, and by guys in their 50s/60s.

PIP is almost always mentioned with DHB. Also the night sweats (but less so than Tren). I have heard it called Primo on steroids (as well as Tren light).

A log here would be useful. Might be the first DHB log?

I’ve read that mixing it with another oil base injection can minimize pip

Yep, that helps. Part of the issue is concentration. The highest I have ever seen DHB is 125 mg/mL. Most is 100 mg/mL. Now If I want to run it at 300 - 400 mg/wk, that is 3-4 mL. If I am running 750 mg/test, that is 3 mL with my Test E. I can only really cut it in half, and that is with low DHB and high Test.

If you get into running it at 5-600 mg/wk, it just gets to be a lot of oil at the concentration, and cutting it is difficult too (unless you want to run a shit ton of other gear). Some just add a carrier oil without gear to it.

I have heard some brewers are pretty good at low PIP DHB. It isn’t super expensive, but not super cheap (I’ve seen it typically for $50-60 per gram). Would be a bummer to buy $300 of DHB and not be able to walk due to the PIP.

I’ve seen a couple casual comments referring to DHB as primo on steroids (lel) and that 300mg DHB is comparable to 600primo. It really peaks my interest but the lack of info on this board worries me.

From what I have heard, it is actually a bit more favorable than 2:1 in relation to primo. I have heard 2:1 to test (as far as anecdotal anabolic activity, the rodent study aligns with this as well IIRC), and that test to primo is 1:0.66. By this math, 300 DHB would be like 600 Test, or 900 Primo for anabolic activity.

Not sure on all of this, but DHB does get some raving reviews. I have heard a few speak negatively on it (MPMD, and Ryan Ankrom), but they also admit they have never run it. Greg Doucette says the stuff is really strong FWIW.

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My gosh that’s impressive! I just looked, it’s cheap too!!! Why is this not more talked about lol

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I think the PIP is really bad. I think Greg Doucette said it was the worst PIP he has experienced. I think many only make it a few weeks into the cycle and bail because they can hardly walk (I have heard experienced guys that have run grams of Test a week say they can’t handle the PIP well).

Just to clarify, I am a bit skeptical about it being twice as anabolic as Test or thee times as anabolic as Primo. From everything I have heard, it is certainly at least as strong as Test (very likely stronger). Doesn’t convert to E2, and is about as androgenic as Test milligram for milligram.

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Ive ran DHB a couple times. Its a very interesting drug. Very dry, almost a dryness effect of small doses of masteron. Increases strength much a lot, not to the effect of tren, but moreso than boldenone, maybe on par with nandrolone.

The problem with DHB, is the Pip. VERY well made DHB is still going to hurt some if you put 1cc straight into a muscle. It needs to be cut with a different oil. Like test/dhb, npp/dhb, DHB made by homebrewers and MANY sources will be crippling. LIke you will make it two injections and throw the shit away. Also, at 100mg/ml, to get to 400mg a week, even with good DHB, your going to have lumps and soreness the whole cycle. So many guys run one cycle, enjoy the drug, but say “ehh not worth the pain for 3 months”

It is a very strong anabolic, much more mass than primo or eq.

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Greg doucette says 50mg dhb is like 1500mg primo

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You must mean 500 mg, right? Otherwise, I believe you are misquoting a doctor.

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500mg is what I meant

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Ehh, id say closer to 2x on anabolism.

One thing i do notice, is it feels quite like an androgen…night sweats at higher dosages, a little insomnia when i pushed it to 500mg or so. Not tren insomnia, just easier woke up more often to neighbors dogs barking