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Sust 250 Cycle & PCT With/Without HCG



  • Age: 20
  • Been lifting consistently for 5 years now
  • 5’5
  • 166lbs NOTE: used to be obese (220lbs) and cut down to 151lbs while riding on dem newbie gains. These past years have been lean gains up to the current 166lbs
  • 15% bf (can see serratus, faint line of obliques, and outline of top 2 abs)
  • Lift 6x a week push/pull/legs split (low volume/high intensity as i have found it is what works best for me)
  • 2600 maintenance calories 40carb/30protein/30fat split
    BIG 3
  • Squat 345lbs 1RM
  • DL 465lbs 1RM
  • BP 245lbs 1RM
    Bloodwork: Everything ok except lowish test 329ng/dL

I have been really pushing it for the past year or so while really fine-tuning my nutrition and cardio while staying as lean as possible as i gain muscle mass. As i am thinking of competing in classic physique in 3 year’s time after i finish my bachelors degree in physical therapy, i would like to start building up the mass and thickness (i have width, but in certain poses like side tris and side chest the lack of thickness really shows) so i have decided to make the jump and start using gear. I have access to pharma grade sust250 as well as the ancillaries for PCT and OCT, however i would like to make sure that what i am doing is worthwhile since i don’t want to needlessly waste money and desensitize too early.

Here is what i was told by a competitor who placed 6th in Portugal’s National Open Men’s Physique and although that seems great and it seems i should listen to him, everybody knows that he runs way too much gear and takes a shotgun approach to all PEDs so i would like the opinion of someone more seasoned and conservative than him, since he is only 25 years of age:

1-5 weeks: 500mg Sust250
6-10 PCT: Clomid 60/60/30/30
Nolva 40/40/20/20
HCG 250iU 3x week

In relation to the HCG, is it absolutely crucial to take? I have been reading numerous threads on meso-rx and TN forum where everybody has a different opinion on its usage. Since my cycle will only last 5 weeks, is it needed? I have been given around 5 different answers but they have all been down the lines of “i don’t really know but its better to take it than be sorry.”

Thank you in advance,
Your brother in iron,