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Sust 250 and Tren Cycle Proposal

Hey im 24yr old powerlifter im 5’8 205lbs I compete at 198 my current numbers are Squat 625, Bench 350, and Deadlift 600. My primary aspect is gaining strength, I lift with a team and my nutrition is good im eating around 4000 “good” cals a day. My lifting regiment is solid. I am looking to get the most out of this cycle it looks like this

Wk 1-10: 250 sust E3D
75 tren EOD
.5 Tamax ED (for estrogen support)
PCT Clomid

Now this is my first cycle, I want to take my power training to the next level. Any suggestions my Tamaxofen is 15.2 oral so I would have to cut them into fourths. The reasons I picked these was for the 4esters of sust with little water retention and the tren because of the strength and the leanness like i said i compete at 198 so if its possible to not get above 225 but escallate my strength would be perfect but if all else fails I will just compete at 220 oh well.