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Suspension Work


In a lot of the videos from the training lab blast straps are used for a lot of the assistance work. My gym does not have anything like this. However, was not sure to get Rings, or one of the suspension systems on the market? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


you can get blast straps from elitefts
I got mine from there on sale for $50 I think


Just depends how much you are prepared to spend.

I've found webbing straps to be a very cheap & effective alternative to oly rings/blast straps etc.


Just watch Elite's website for sales and free shipping. I recently got a pair of blast straps for 53 and free shipping. The quality of these straps are aweseome, heavy duty, and fully adjustable. Or just look around the internet, there's been plenty of people who've made their own.


Cheers guts thanks foe your help