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Suspension Training Options

I have been making some research about suspension training and I found both the Human Trainer and TRX to be the best options out in the market. The Human Trainer seems to have more versatility but I am still unsure if its the best investment between both of them. If someone has some opinions I would like to hear them out so I can make a smart investment.

They’re both fine pieces of equipment. But you can make your own suspension trainer for around $10. Just google how. As far as investments goes just make your own and save some money.

I have tried that before but I felt that I could not make them stable enough to have a good exercise.

My gym has Blast Straps from Elite. They are great. Elite has some kind of sale going all the time, so the price is good.

You may have to get rings, or other add-ons separately to get a set up like that Human Trainer.

I think this really just depends how much money you are willing to spend…I mean you can buy duplex webbing straps from ebay for example really cheap & use those (they are SUPER STRONG) and come with a loop you can put your hand or foot through, the only problem these is adjusting the height precisely.

I was just looking at those elite blast straps which look great btw, but I am still feeling unsure on buying them because when comparing the prices with the shipment included I feel that on the long run I will be able to perform more exercises on the human trainer if I keep investing on it. If I would only invest on a product like the elite blast straps I believe that I would limit myself to be performing only certain exercises with all the add-ons included. I saw a youtube review about this product and there are far more variety of exercises that could be performed vs other suspension systems. Thanks for the opinion anyways.

As I mentioned before to zapata1 I did try before to make one suspension system by my own, but I was not happy with the results. I think I will purchase one manufactured product this time but first I want to hear out how you guys feel with the suspension systems you have tried before.

It looks like the Human Trainer is way easier to adjust and switch exercises and stuff. I hope you like it.

Thanks for the Duplex name-drop. I didn’t even know I wanted a bunch of super strong straps. Now, I feel like I NEED to get a few for the truck, some for the house and a few more for the gym.