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Suspension Separation

hope you all had a great holiday, here is my question.

i have some gear that i have had for a few months, and i guess my question is what is the shelf life. first is the suspension, i have had it is a cool maybe even cold dark place and the metal cap has not been removed. the suspension has seperated but if i shake it, it goes back into solution. is it still good or should i just toss it.

all the others seem to be ok but i wonder if it is to far out of date. i know the person that makes the stuff and always has great product, but there is not date printed on the labels.

thanks for the time and i would greatly appreciate your info.

Your test suspension is ok, If it is white and in a water base. the same happens with whinny, it will seperate and you need to shake the hell out of it before you use it.

I’ve always heard 2 years is the shelf-life but that’s not a scientific fact just something I’ve always heard and I guess believed.

Thanks guys, appreciate the feed back.