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Suspended Over a Chicken Wing


so heres the story; last night im at work, my boss says not to eat. but then one of the bartenders says i can have the rest of her chicken wings so i have when and my boss sees me and sends me home. i come in today to do doorman and hes like oh, what are you doing here i found someone else for tonight. im like wtf are you talking about? hes like you said you werent coming in tonight. i say, what are you talking about? so i guess as i was leaving i said to someone that i wasnt coming back, cant remember who it was but apparently they went and told the manager.

im shocked for not just the fact i got suspended for eating a chicken wing but also that someone went and tattled on me for saying i didnt think id be coming back in the heat of the moment.

after that fiasco ive had it with the place and will start a new job search tomorrow.


this basically desribes what happened.


You're pissed because you were "suspended" for one night?

And you weren't suspended for eating a chicken wing as much as you were suspended for disobeying a direct order from your boss. Do yourself a favor and don't trivialize the issue to cast your boss in the role of douchebag.

When you're on the clock, you do what you are told by your employer - in being hired, you signed your time over to him in exchange for a paycheck. I don't see what's so hard to grasp about that.



i lost last night (the night it happened), tonight, tomorrow, and tuesday.

i do a few different jobs at my work. i run food, im a waiter, and sometimes i do doorman.

tonight was a doorman night, i was going to get paid 12 dollars an hour to sit on my ass and watch the UFC fight. tomorrow was a serving shift, i can easily make 100 dollars on a sunday. and tuesday was another serving shift, although Tuesdays are slow and i generally only make ~50

im pissed because such a minor situation turned into such a major one.

the whole joint is ass backwards.


the fact someone gave me something to eat, so i ate it. if it was a handful of peanuts, or a tangerine would it be a big deal? especially since the other manager offered us a grapefruit that was out...so if i eat that its ok, but if i eat a piece of chicken its not? it doesnt make sense.

i can deal with that first day though, as stupid as it is, whatever, i didnt listen to him and i can get over it. but to come in today and hear, we got someone else for tonight. all because someone ran off their fucking mouth is just retarded. i dont know why hed listen to some random person saying what they heard like we're in fucking kindergarten and i just said the "s word".


...mother fucker


Ya... that sucks dude... how is/was your relationship with your boss before? Seems like he has a bug up his ass...


The only thing that was ass backwards is the way you went about handling yourself as you left the establishment.

The fact is, your boss told you not to eat tonight, and yet you snagged the first scraps of a meal that was tossed your way.

I, personally, don't care if you licked dog shit off a customers boot. If your boss tells you not to eat...you don't eat. At the very least, you don't act shocked that you are disciplined for disobeying him.

As far as the grapefruit is concerned: always err on the side of caution. Let your boss know that the other manager put the grapefruit up for grabs and see what he has to say about it.

Well...I'm sure apologizing, saying you were a little frustrated over the measures taken for what you perceived to be a minor infraction and admitting that your comment was completely out of line was out of the question, correct?


fuck that job.

if you cant eat a god damn wing without pissing off your boss then you should just find a new job.

just make sure to ask your new job if eating wings is a problem ;o)


in retrospect i probaly should have asked. i have a problem with pushing limits.

im over the first night, but tonight was lame, not only was it for the stupidest of reasons; he-say-she-say, but now im not getting paid and have no plans for tonight either.

i cant be mad at HIM either, his boss is the fucking nut. my boss got yelled at for me eating the chicken wing apparently by the owner who is always up the ass of my manager. the guys actually been cool with me. he didnt fire me when i had a girl sitting on my lap out on the deck my first or second week working there.


yeah. the reasons ive gotten suspended at this job are rediculous.

first time: a bartender (who weighed 100 pounds soaking wet) said he was going to break my jaw (im 6 ft 200) and i insulted him and IM THE ONE who got in trouble and had a couple shifts taken which resulted in me not working saturdays as a waiter anymore

the second time was already explained.

i got fired from Ballys too, heres why: i wore sandals after they said we were done working and were going to focus on sales strategies.


you have the luck of the Irish




tell me about it.


I'm willing to bet you act like a d-bag in general and people end up looking for reasons to get you gone.

Might want to work on that. Or not.


Haha I totally understand your reaction, and I've done stuff like that myself. But you gotta understand, it's fucking stupid and impractical.

If a small guy is in charge of you, making him realize it's impossible for him to physically dominate you (no homo, I think) will make him mad. And since he's in charge of you his little tantrum will make your stay there quite shitty.

I really hate that shit with small people trying to lord over you, but I'm still in school so I can get away with calling them out. If you need to keep a job, just suck it up.


im in school too dude. this aint my fuckin career, liftin trays at a dive ass bar pssh.

and he isnt smaller than me, hes probaly like 240.

hes usually pretty good to me, but his boss gives him shit for little things, so i get shit for little thigns when the boss-boss is around.

but in regards to the chicken wing incident, when he told me to stop eating, i thought he was just busting my balls. i even laughed when he told me that the boss-boss saw me and gave him shit.


Yeah, I was more talking about that bartender thing, I had a hilarious incident like that with one of my friends. The chicken wing suspension sounded random and irrelevant, like he was looking for a reason to fuck with you.


I'm Anonym on this.
It doesn't matter what YOU think of work rules. It's just imperative that you follow them.

One of the big problems with today's workforce is lack of respect for the employer. And that disrespect usually carries over and translates to shitty customer service. It's not about whether or not your boss is an asshole in your eyes. It's about how you act and react to the workplace protocol.
It's a privilege to work there, not a right.


I'm with travacolypse and Anonym.

From your posts, you come across like someone who has problems with displaying humility and maturity. You might wanna work on that if you plan to work for, and with, other people in the future. Disobedience (eating chicken) and back talk ("I'm not coming back") do not a good employee make.

On the other hand, even though you should've known better, the boss of the joint doesn't sound like a reasonable person. He's still the boss though, so see pt. 1 of this post.