Suspecting Adrenal Fatigue

Been experiencing some weird episodes lately. I’m almost constantly tired and fatigued, but about 1-2 times per week I’ll have episodes where I get dizzy, muscularly weak, blurred vision, and really shaky. Almost like low blood sugar or anemia. Also had one migrane after blurred vision experience. I’m suspecting adrenal fatigue, but from what I understand adrenal fatigue is the “what” but not the “why” so I’m looking into why are my adrenals fatigued. Any opinions on functional lab tests??

Just got blood work results, here are the interesting findings.

-Low White Blood Cell Count - 3.9 (range = 4.5-12.5)
-Neutrophil, momocyte, eosinophil, and basophil were all on the very low end of the range
-High BUN - 26 (range 9-20)
-High AST (SGOT) - 63 (range 17-59)

  • High ALT (SGPT) - 115 (range 21-72)
    -Lipid Panel as follows: Trig=49, total Chol=310, HDL=51, LDL=243, VLDL=10, Chol/HDL Ratio = 6.1
  • Thyroid Function low in both: Free T4 = .84 (range .78-2.19), TSH= .79 (range .47-4.68)

Any opinions or interpretation? Haven’t gone over it with a doc, they just mailed it to me…

I’ve been looking into some functional lab testing (anyone hear of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?) so if anyone has opinions on that, it’d be appreciated