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Suspect Hernia - Future Training Help?

Well on Sunday I noticed a pain in my groin/lower abdominal area - pain only when I pushed down on the region. I assumed this was due to recent sexual activity (muscle soreness haha) so let it go. Yesterday I felt the region and noticed a small lump, with an even smaller lump on the opposite side. There is no pain during regular activities, only when I push down on it, even then it’s not a major pain.

I suspect an inguinal hernia - not yet sure whether it’s direct or undirect.

My current 6 week training programme finished on the Sunday I first noticed pain. It went as follows:
Monday - sprints or plyometrics, core work(abdominal stuff - sit ups/crunches, frog kicks, jackhammers, ab roller - usually exercises are mixed around)

Tuesday - leg strength (barbell squats, weighted calf raises, deadlifts, GHRs - usually always barbell squats and the calf raises - choice between deadlifts and GHRs or if both, one more intense than the other) upper body strength (weighted pull ups/chin ups, weighted push ups and dips, clean and press/military press) punch bag (cardio + technique)

Wednesday - interval running, swimming, core work (same as monday)

Thursday - same as tuesday’s programme

Friday - rest

Saturday - Parkour practise - couple of hours

Sunday - low intensity exercises - few sets of unweighted pull ups usually

I stretched for basic flexibility everday.

I am doing a lifeguarding qualifcation course this week so decided I would just train every other day, mix it all up with no specicif aim just for this week.

On Monday I did barbell squats, weighted calf raises and GHRs followed by weighted pull ups/chin ups and push ups - all at a lower intensity than usual - no problems at all with suspected hernia, in fact I had forgotten about it.

On Tuesday, I felt the region and noticed this lump, pushed it in and noticed discomfort/small amount of pain. The lump is on both sides, but large on the left - even then it is small and barely noticeable to the eye.

Concerned I have booked myself in for a doctor’s appointment this coming Monday and have decided to rest, only doing the exercises that I have to in the lifeguarding course (which is just swimming anyway).

I just wondered…
-As it’s at an early stage and isn’t major (from what I have determined) - will I have to have surgery?
-If so, I’m assuming the NHS (UK health service) waiting list will be quite lengthy and thus my training will suffer - know of any exercise/activity I can undertake or continue (from the previous programme) in the mean time without aggravating it further?
-Again, if surgery is necessary, how long will recovery take before I can get back into proper training again?

I know I’ll get all of these answers from the Doctor on Monday but it’s still a good few days away and I’d rather get as much input and info as I can now. I also plan on seeing a physiotherapist (right person?) once hernia is confirmed in order to get opinion from someone with more sports knowledge than a doctor.

Thanks in advance for any input, sorry for the long post!

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You need to google Mike Boyle’s article on Understanding Adduction (or Adductors)

Basically scar tissue in the adductors along with certain restrictions can lead to weakness in the lower abdominal wall. Check that article out, should be helpful.

In the mean time, get familiar with your adductors and foam roll the shit out them!


You are probably right in your self diagnosis. You are definitely right in your decision to see a doctor and not lift in the mean time.

The good news is that this is a relatively easy thing to fix now days, and the success rate is way higher than years ago. Follow your own doctor’s advice about post surgery recovery. But in many cases you can actually start doing light exercises again pretty soon. So this may only turn into a minor setback.

Good luck.

“Exercises you must avoid are ones involving heavy lifting, pulling or pushing. These involve closing off your throat, which only serves to increase abdominal pressure and the size of the hernia.”
I found this on the NHS website.

At the minute I’m just trying to compile exercises that I can still do without damaging the area further. I don’t understand “closing off your throat” part… but I’m assuming this refers to the “hmph” deep breath in on lifting or something haha, which makes me think pull ups and such are out of the window.

Anybody know much else about exercises I can do with a hernia?

Thanks guys

I’m not at all experienced with hernias, but I am experienced with injuries. I’ve pushed myself too hard only to injure myself several times, and I can honestly say, it was never worth it.

I’d strongly advise using caution.

Not a hernia. Doctor was 100%. Just inflamed gland, wowwww that is good news.

Thanks anyway guys!

Great news. Back to the big lifts…