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Sushi and Sashimi?

I love sushi, well sashimi I guess. I like the rolls. I just found a new place and the food is good. How bad is it to eat rolls twice a week? It is made with white rice and I think they use some sugar in the rice but I’m not sure.

I am not eating a tremendous amount but I’m wondering if this should be considered a cheat food. I would imagine it would be a good post workout food. I’m really thinking that I should stop stressing so much since my diet is pretty good anyway. Any thoughts?

Plug that into your daily macronutrients and see what you think.

Cool link. I know I typically get a bunch of sashimi, and then a few rolls. EVery friday night a few buds and I have our sushi night. I typically get 10-14 pieces of salmon or tuna sashimi, a spicey tuna roll, an eel/cucumber roll, a salmon roll, and either a salad or miso soup depending on how cold it is out :slight_smile:


Are you bulking or cutting? If your bulking go for it, if your cutting, consider it your cheat meal, and make sure you don’t eat buffet style

Sushi rice is made with rice vinegar, and the vinegar is sometimes sweetened. If you suspect that is the case (taste carefully, it might just be from the combo of rice + rice vinegar + spices), look up nutritional info and account for it in your food log and take it form there. You are keeping a food log, aren’t you? :slight_smile:

But IMO, don’t sweat it unless you’re low carb dieting, or doing a calorie deficit type diet.

Yes I am keeping a food log. I’m still not sure how many carbs I should have when I add them all up. I try for at least 140 grams of protein and slightly less carbs. I’m mainly trying to bulk up and by the summer I hope to lower my bodyfat by 3%. Like I said sometimes I think I’m stressing too much over this. I guess I’ll just add them to my carbs even though they’re not the best carbs to eat. If I go over I can always do some cardio right? I’m not really doing any right now.