Suseton 250 and Tribex-500

Hey t-mager’s how are yall. Ok I have a few plans in mind and I want your guys opinions. Ok I want to take Suseton this summer but i really dont no how i want to take it. I have thought to take for Week 1 250 mg, Week 2 500mg, Week 3 1000 mg, Week 4 500 mg, and Week 5 250 mg. Would that be good or should i go Week 1 1000 mg, Week 2 750 mg, Week 3 500 mg, Week 4 500mg, and Week 5 250 mg. I would like to here any other ways u think i should try also. My second question is i have took a form of test before and i didnt like how my balls reacted, so should i just take the Tribex for the recommended 3 weeks after my last shot, or when should I start taking it. Thanks alot and hope yall have good news.

I like the first cycle u said and i would take the tribex as soon as u get done.