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Sus250 Post Injection Pain

Hey guys,

I have shifted from Prop to Sus as I am travelling for 2 weeks prior to the end of my cycle.

The prop was KILLING me initially, so I cut my shots 50/50 with filtered grape seed oil, which thankfully completely eradicated all PIP.

However, these 3 sus injections have all been 1ml Sus/1ml grape seed, but the pain is back to its VERY high levels the next day.

Any tips to get on top of it?

Sust still has to be injected frequently so I dont understand the switch? I run sust between cycles for my cruising TRT so I guess Im used to it, but maybe try 4 smaller injects spread out over your body, but I def stay away from quads with sust! I stick with delts, tri’s and glutes for sust.

im no expert but im on my 3rd cycle, first cycle of sust 250. i use 500mg a week, shoot twice a week. I take it in am hope in a hot shower for about 15 and have very little soreness the next day. If i cant take a shower all soke a clean rag in hot water and massage spot for about 3 min. seems to help.

I think some people are more sensitive to injections then others. I’ve never had a painful injection to the point where it would limit my mobility or kill me with pain. All I can say is try taking a hit shower or something before to warm and loosen the muscle, massage after injection, warm the oil and inject slowly.