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Sus250 and Turinabol 8 Weeks

Hey guys new to the forum so if this is the wrong place for this I’m sorry ahead of time.

So this is my 3rd cycle and really wanted to log my progression and get some reviews on what I can do better or change.

History I’m 27 193 lbs and went to the bod pod Friday and I’m sitting at 13% bf. I have a degree in nutrition and About to start grad school the be a occupational therapist. So I feel like I have a good base of knowledge of things.

First cycle back in 2015 going into 2016 was a simple test and dbol 12 week cycle with a clomid and nolva pct went from 187-212lbs but looking at old pictures I can tell my bf was really high cause I just ate anything in front of me

Second cycle was in 2017 did a test and Tren 10week cycle with the same clomid and nolva pct. Started at 190 and got to 208 that time a lot less bf and looked a lot better. The reason I have lost this weight is cause I had a lot going on right after this cycle between getting out of the military moving home across the country and finishing school all at once stress was high and I had little to no motivation or time for the gym with all this going on
Now it’s time for me to be back on my routine and this time I’m looking at doing a Sus and Turinabol 8 week cycle with the same pct as the other 2 times.

Sus weeks 1-8 500mg a week pins on Mondays and Thursdays 250mg
Tbol weeks 1-6 50mg ed 25mg in the morning and 25mg 30 mins before the workout
Pct weeks 9-12 clomid 20mg ed and nolva 25mg ed

Diet like I said before with my degree I feel I can build pretty well but pretty much going to keep my macros at 3800 cals a day 200g of protein 100g of fat and 550-600g carbs

I’m going to try and keep up with the log and my progression every other or every 3 days and I’m attaching a picture I took the day of my bod pod. So let’s see where this journey takes us.


I feel I was in your shoes I’d run the sustanon longer or switch it out for test prop. Sustanon is a combination of short and long estered test, with the longest ester being testosterone decanoate. 8 weeks isn’t enough to get peak blood concentration from testosterone decanoate, therefore you may be leaving gainz on the table.

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Yep exactly what unreal was getting at.

Either switch your test or run longer. It takes about five half lives for the release rate to stabilize, provided you have a consistent injection routine. So you would just be getting to the sweet spot to take full advantage of the long chain at 8 weeks. Basically you would be using the sustonon in one of the least advantageous ways possible.

Also remember with the extremely long ester on the test in sustonon you could and probably should wait a little longer after your last pin to start PCT.

Unreal and now thank you for the information Im assuming the rest of my stuff looks correct to you guys? I have enough Sus on hand to do a 10 week and can get more. Was going to use sus instead of test this time cause it’s what I could get ahold of from my local guy.

Alright guys updating on my status…I have not jumped on the scale to see if any wight has been put on but today is my second pin. been sticking to my original post on dosage but i did take the advice and i have extended the cycle length to a 12 week cycle weeks 1-12 500 mg of sus and weeks 1-6 TBol. pct is the same but will start it on weeks 13-15. As for diet i have been doing well at keeping at the numbers i have set cals have been more then i set but im not complaining cause i know it will work out in my favor. training wise have been doing well hitting the gym every day for almost 2 hrs killing it and i would say its more in my head right now but feeling stronger but maybe its just more confidence is all cause i know nothing has been in my system long enough to make actual changes yet. all i know is 355 working set on my back for squats hasnt felt that good in a while. hopefully monday when i do my next pin and possibly updated post i will be able to give you any weight or strength gains i have.

Honestly, 12 weeks is probably better than 10 was going to be. Just be careful with the tbol. Watch bp closely because that can sneak up on you.

Yupp, thanks i will do. Having a girlfriend thats a nurse and i work with at the hospital will make that very easy to do.

Alright week 2 is starting today finally stepped on the scale and looks like the diet training and gear is working well I’m up in weight by 4.5lbs. so I’m sitting at 197.5ish and haven’t really seen to much strength gains yet. I haven’t actually tested them either but will be doing so at the end of the week with so AMRAPs in my workout program. I’m still sticking to the 12 week cycle I stated in one of my previous post and will keep you guys up to date as it goes.

Sounds like you are on your way to making some really solid gains, good luck (thumbs up emoji). Are you using an AI?

Unreal, I have my clomid and nolva on hand just Incase but currently not needing it with the cycle so far.