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Sus + Proviron Cycle

hey guys, i know i know…i shoulda done more research befcore i tried this but no point in going there since i am where i am today…ok lets get that out of the way so i can get good recommendations here…i was told to take 250mg of Sustenon once every 2 weeks and once i am done take 25mg of proveron everyday…after readng forums about this combination, i realize my friend is a dumbass n dont know shit! now i am down 2 my last 3 bottles of sus and still have not taken any proviron…what do you recommend i do at this point? i would like to just finish what i have and then do more research if i ever wanna do this again…pls refrain on telling me how dumb i am for just listening to my friend, i already know that :frowning: any advise would be greatly appreciated.

What is a ‘bottle of sus’

How much sustanon do you have?

First order of business is to accquire some nolvadex or clomid. Read the AI/SERM sticky to figure out how much