Sus of Cypionate

I was thinking of taking sus 250, with anapolan as a kick starter for my next cycle. However I have read that taking weekly injections of sus will give stong peeks early in the week crashing closer to the end, due to the 4 different esters. Swaying me to taking Cypionate or enanthate for a mass building cycle. Any comments or past experiences with these steroids would be appreciated.

Im just guessing here but there may be a few thousand or so posts related to this topic alone in these forums.

I am currently on a sust cycle 750mg/wk and dont have any problems at all as far as “crashing” but I’m injecting 3x/wk which I would think prevents that? What was your cycle going to look like…


Is your main objective to only inject once a week or are you flexible on that?
You seem to be deciding on which test to use based on its injection frequency

I never like sust or omnadren. You seem to need higher doses to get the same effect as you would get from a lower dose of test E or Cyp. I have thought this may have to do with the blend. With these deugs you are getting a small amount of 4 different compounds. In order for them all to work effectivly you need to take a number of amps per week to get to the correct dose of each compound. Just my theory. Or maybe I just do not react well to sust or omnadren?