Sus, Mast, Tren A Cycle Dosage?

I’m 38, 6’4” 250lbs. 20% bf
Planning on running a cut cycle of:
Mast prop 100
Tren A 100

Looking for dosage suggestions from similar size individuals. How much and how often, planning on a 12 week cycle. Thanks in advance

Doses look good. I would run the sust and mast from the start, and use the Tren for the last 6-8 weeks of the cycle when you’re lower in bodyfat to fully reap the recomp and nutrient partitioning benefits. You could run this cycle for anywhere between 12-20 weeks depending on your experience, just make sure you get bloodwork. Your doses are moderate, which is rare now a days, however less is more and those doses should definitely conserve and even build muscle.

Isn’t the dose too low ?

Why would it be too low? That’s half a gram of gear, one of the compounds being Tren which is 5x as anabolic and androgenic as test.

He’s cutting. There is very little need to go crazy with the doses when the goal is simply muscle retention, especially with tren in the mix. Lowest effective dosage is the best practice in every possible scenario.