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Sus Drol Winn Cycle


Hey all- I have decided after 6 cycles I want to try sustanon anadrol and Winnie. I read a lot of post where folks take drol with Winnie together at same time. I also see drol for first 4 weeks, and Winnie at the last 6 weeks. I'm 41 5'6 174 with 9% bf? will you tell me how you would run these 3 compounds?

Also I know I can drink the Winnie suspension, or I have access to tabs. I have plenty of clomid nolvadex and arimedex also. I really appreciate your input.


I would skip the orals and just run a higher dose of sustanon..

or, if that's not what you want to do.. run the sustanon for 10-12 weeks and add the orals in at the end

run your AI


I would also stray from orals as well. Since Sust has fast acting esters there's really no need to have an oral kickstart, if you want more gains up the dose. It'll be less water retention than you would see using Anadrol. It might be useful in the end of a Sust cycle to add an oral as the longer esters clear. Also I suggest Winny tabs if you don't want to inject it. After tasting Winny suspension I didn't think twice about pinning it instead. Gross.

If these are the only compounds you have access to or insist on running these then I would try something like this.

Sustanon 600-750mg wks 1-10
Drol 25-50mg ED or Winny 40-50mg ED wks 9-14



Man thank you both so much for your help. Since orals aren't necessary , I will just leave them off.


What are your goals ?


Some size and cuts this time. I'm finishing a test cyp, primo, var run. I've used test cyp for at least last 4 runs , so I thought sus 250 would be a nice change, and the Winnie tabs for little leanness. I'm really lean and walk around at about 9%. I'm 5"6 also so I enjoy the swoleness. Thanks for asking.


Second thought, I really like var as I'm on that now. Less sides vs Winnie tabs. Been running 80mg 7 weeks.


6 cycles and you weigh 174??


Yes I know weight isn't a lot , but I look like I weight 185, since I'm lean with walk around abs. Anyway I don't have any issues with scales or my weight, as veins are seen all over my delts, calves etc. I don't mean to sound defensive, but I understand 174 isn't a lot.


"Kenny" 3 of the 6 were prior to my marriage, I'm 41, and have done 3 in 3 years.