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Sus 300


I am currently taking sustanon 300 (test) i started in february for 2 months and then went off for about 1 month. I started back up again which i was told not too but im not sure if i should stop agian or keep going? Another thing is that im injecting in my lower buttock in the fat part. Is that alright?


This can't be a real poster.


What? why would u think that. Im actually looking to learn more..im still a rookie at this.


very funny....


I'm still not going to bite.

IF you are a real person and you want any form of respect on this forum, read the stickies thoroughly, and then edit your post before too many of the elders read it.


Before you get heavily flamed (you haven't seen anything, trust me)... read the stickies in this subforum. Learn about SERMS and PCT. Running an AI on cycle. That sort of stuff.


Read the stickies...


I have been reading some of those but it takes a long time to get through most of it. I dont even know what SERMS and PCT's or AI's mean yet.


Then I'm not sure why you decided to start injecting chemicals you know nothing about into your 165 pound body.

Don't post again till you've read all of the stickies.


Dont u realize ive noticed that ive done something wrong and is trying to learn about it. Not all of this is easy stuff. Takes some questions dude


Yes you are right. Learning does take questions and answers.


Buy some nolvadex ASAP from a research chemical company. You will need to use a SERM to restart your HPTA.

Please type proper sentances if you want to treated seriously.


The fact is simply this; You decided to stick relatively large amounts (compared to naturally occuring amounts) of hormonal drugs into your body with no knowledge of what they do and how, what to do when side effects occur (they do in all cases at one time or another), what other drugs are needed and why and when, what is needed to come off, if one can just stop using, if tapering is needed or if other ancillary drugs are needed to come off.

You are injecting HORMONES and you now decide to ask after one 2 month cycle followed by not long enough for the HPTA to recover (Testosterone Decanoate anyone?) and then beginning another cycle? Well done kid, you are officially the worst poster of 2009.

Read the stickies.

I will help you because you seem scared now the actual realisation of what you could potentially do to your body has set in.
You have made a mistake - but i am not innocent myself, and most posters here have done similar things - many of the vets will have as a lot will have started before they used the internet to research the drugs.

AI = Aromatase Inhibitor, this is a drug that inhibits the activity of the aromatase enzyme. This enzyme turns testosterone into the female hormone estrogen basically, and it occurs in all men - it is your body trying to keep a state of hormonal balance.
The estrogen can lead to feminine fat gain, breast growth, loss of libido, lactation and other female type side effects. It makes you a woman essentially just as test makes women men.
Using an AI during the whole time Test is being injected will reduce the chances of this occuring to virtually zero - depending on dose of drugs and affinity for the sides mentioned.

SERM = Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, this is the best type of drug to use after your cycle in your PCT (Post Cycle Therapy). Once external testosterone is applied to the system, the body stops making its own.
This is no issue when high levels of external test are in the system, but once you stop there is a shift in hormone dominance, with estrogen becoming dominant - causing the female sides mentioned above (which are controlled on cycle with an AI usually, but if left to grow during the cycle can cause real issue at the end) and also there will be no drive, desire for women, sharpness of the mind and aggression - male psychological characteristics that are mostly attributed to the testosterone level in us.
A SERM used properly post cycle will help the body to begin to make its own testosterone again, helping you simply to recover as fast as possible, avoiding the physical and psychological sides above - and allowing retention of as much of the muscle and strength gained on cycle as possible.

PCT - covered above.

The way this forum works is this: You cant open a thread and ask the most basic of questions and expect nice answers - it aint gonna happen and you were lucky with me today.
You need to research the way AAS are applied to the body yourself and when you have semi-educated questions we will help to answer them if we can. Spoon feeding info as i have done to you my child is frowned upon. We are men here - not kids needing our hands held. Know what i mean?

Read the stickies, read the articles on Mesomorphosis.com - and the profiles of the Anabolic Androgenic Steroids too (AAS).

As for the current predicament you are in - i would suggest using google to find a research chemical company that sells tamoxifen, (feel free to google the words in italics) and once you have it, stop the Sustanon and after 2 weeks off begin 2 weeks with 40mg a day of tamoxifen liquid taken orally, followed by 2 more weeks at 20mg/day orally.
If you have just had one injection or done a mere 2 weeks.. you should be able to stop with little to no issue - assuming you take 1cc once a week..



I totally agree with you, I dont think I am smart in what I did but the only reason it was done was to help me get back into game shape for hockey. My assistant coach who obviously isnt the smartest man, talked me into it and I was dumb enough to listen before research. The only thing I did read up on was that I needed to take nolvadex which i did take after the first 2 months. The things I hear are totally different from what im reading on here so thats why im so confused.

I also did taper off but Im still confused about what is the right stuff to take and the wrong with sust. I do appreciate what you wrote because Im looking to learn more and more. Im running out of options thats why I have turned to an internet forum.


The longer you stay on cycle, the more difficult it is to recover your natural testosterone production. I assume you are young - how young are we talking? Steroid use prior to full adulthood can wreak havoc with your future hormonal balance and growth. Shorter cycles 6-8 weeks in length are easier to recover from than longer ones and often give one more bang for the buch because of diminishing returns on longer cycles.

From what I gather you did your first cycle during Feb & March - took April off using Nolva - and started up again just recently. Just curious how you dosed the Nolva and for how long you took it before resuming the sust once again?


Yes I took sust feb/march, and for the nolva I was givin 30 at one point and 30 after i was done and was told to take 2 a day and im not too sure of the doses of the pills (again, was a secondary source). He was on the same test and apparently knew his stuff so I was taking what he was (nolva). So I waited a Month on that until I started agian and I have done 2 injections thus far at 1cc. And agian I did taper off on the first cycle aswell.


Typical nolva tabs are 20mg, so it sounds like you took 40mg/d for the whole month, unless I'm misreading things. Tapering your SERM dose is the standard approach, as Brook mentioned.

If you can, get tests done on your hormone levels so that you know where things stand. Your estrogen levels have probably risen dramatically, and obviously there's a good chance that your Test levels are at least temporarily compromised. Hopefully by running another PCT properly you can avoid gyno and bounce back unscathed.


So did you take the 2 per day of Nolva for 15 days or 30 days? Normal PCT protocol for Nolva (which generally come dosed in 20mg tabs or capsules or oral liquid form with a graduated dropper or if no dropper you can use a syringe with no needle to measure and squirt in your mouth) is:

Wk1: 2 x 20mg/d morning & evening
Wk2: 2 x 20mg/d morning & evening
Wk3: 20mg/d
Wk4: 20mg/d

When you say you tapered off the cycle, can you outline what the dose was during cycle and while you tapered? We understand tapering as another form of PCT called "Stasis/Taper". That is a method where you wait until the testosterone in your system is low enough to start PCT (in the case of sus 2-3 weeks of no injections), then start "Stasis" of 100mg/w testosterone (normally a single ester and not a blend like sust). The Stasis of 100mg/w continues for 4 weeks lesson the shock of sudden dramatically lower testosterone and then a systematic taper begins starting at 80mg/w down to 20mg/w over 6 weeks. All outlined in the stickies (First 6 threads in the steroids forum). Obviously, this was not the kind of tapering you did.

As you can see, this is a science. Everything counts. Injection frequency depending on particular ester used, AI usage during cycle, SERM usage after cycle (and after waiting until blood level of test is low enough for a SERM to do its job - restart your own production with as little discomfort and sides as possible).

If you need time to get your ducks lined up in a row (and we haven't even talked about your age yet, or whether you are a fair candidate to even start using) there is no shame in that.

1) Determine if this is for you or not.
2) Do the proper research for what you will be introducing to your body and get the proper ancillaries to do it right and minimize complications.

Have you had any nipple sensitivity indicating elevated estrogen? That is what an AI like Adex or Letro prevents. A little irritaion can quickly turn into permanent gyno (bitch tits).


Ok for my age I am 20 (wrong age I know). And no u didnt misread anything, I did take 2 a day for the whole month which the guy I was gettin advice from told me to do so. For tapering I just went from .5cc to 1cc to 1.5 cc and then back down to even a .25. As I said before everything I have done or taken has all been from somebody that clearly doesnt know as much as he thinks he does. I appreciate the advice and info and saving this until I am older. I just need a safe way off so I dont take on these side effects. I have been reading all day and have learned more today than I thought was possible.


If you've only done two injections of 1cc each since re-starting, then you may not need to do PCT and would probably recover quite well assuming everything was done correctly during your last PCT. Unfortunately I don't think you let the waiting weeks elapse before staring Nolva after your initial cycle. That is essential to allow Nolva to do its job at restarting your own production as seamlessly as possible.

You did say however that you tapered down to shots of ,25cc at the tail end of your last cycle. How often were you injecting these .25cc shots? If it was once a week for several weeks, then it would have been OK to start your PCT almost immediately following that since your blood levels would have been sufficiently low for your own production to restart (end of suppression).

Bottom line is explain how much and how often you were injecting at the end of your initial cycle and we'll tell you if that PCT was effective. God knows you took plenty of Nolva if it was really 40mg/d for 4 weeks. If that PCT was successful, then you may not need any after such a short resumption. How did you feel after 4 weeks of Nolva? Again have you experienced any nipple sensitivity?


At the end of the cycle i went down to .25cc 4 days apart for 16 days. And after all this I feel fine and no sensitivity anywhere. Still to be clear I should stop immediatly right now after 2 injections(I did one yesterday) at 1cc, or should I wait till I get more nolva and keep with the cycle... and then start taking it 2 weeks after my last injection? is that right?