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Sus 300 PCT Advice,,,


...(Sustagen) Thursday will be the start of week 11 of my cycle (1ml/300mgs on Mon & Thurs). I plan to taper through week 12, and had originally planned to use Nolvadex. Some guys are telling me I wasn't using enough to need Nolvadex, unless I see adverse effects upon ceasing the test.

Before I start rambling let me ask the question...How long should I wait to start and wait dosage should I use? I'd planned on waiting a week or week 1/2 before starting the nolvadex.

I just saw this http://www.muscletalk.co.uk/clomid-hcg.aspx

Which says wait 3 weeks if using sustanon, but also includes this:

Test Cypionate: 2 week
Test Propionate:3 days

....So, should I wait 3 weeks or 2? (the other 2 tests in my sus are phenylpropionate and decanoate)

I'm sorry for rambling, let me know if you need any more info. Btw, I saw great strength gains and went from about 173 lbs to 191 lbs


I am sure that those who are able to answer your question are quite versed in what esters are in what product - especially one of the most well known and popular products of the past 15 years.

Wait 2 weeks - that is sufficient to get levels from the peak aquired dose that 600mg/wk gives of sust to a non-suppressive level.

So if you have your last injections in week 12 (non-taper), then you could use Tamoxifen or Clomid (SERM) by the beginning of week 15 - this is 2 full weeks off.



I understand the popularity it's had..just wanted to give all the info I could.

I definitely appreciate your help, but I'll be doing the last 2 weeks with 300 mgs a week..Should I still wait as long?

Also, any advice on dosage for the clomid?

Thanks, again.


Have you even read the article you linked us to? It discusses the dose of clomid, the time you need to wait after Sust for PCT, the HCG dose used during a cycle (a little too high IMO) and covers all the questions you have.

If it says wait 3 weeks after Sust and then tells you to wait different times for different testosterone esters that are not even used in your fucking cycle - what do YOU think would be best? It isnt rocket science.

I apologise for not pickig up on the ridiculousness of this thread in my first post and then flaming you from the get go.

Do your own research.


I've done my own research, you fucking prick. I like to get input from people's personal experiences.

Those 2 esters ARE in my fucking sus, you retarded fuck. Thus, the reason I asked.

It's unfortunate that instead of acting like a know it all little bitch you could've just read the information I gave and either given advice or ignored the thread.

Jesus Christ, let me get out of your almighty e-presence before I get flamed .. GOD FORBID!


You have Sustanon with Cypionate in? Then it isn't Sustanon, missy.

Good luck... hope you get hyooge.


Calm down, people are here to help you IF you have done your research. By asking what dose to use for clomid it would seem as though you have not. I could be wrong but you haven't left us anything that would suggest otherwise.

If you read the serm sticky on the front page it will provide you with the doses that others are using. If you have any questions after reading that, then come back and ask specific questions.


See first post ...first word (Sustagen) not sustanon. I got 20 lbs from it.

And thanks, Juice...


The point is - you are asking questions that are all answered in the link YOU provided.

The answers are on this page and the page linked - i am not going to point them out to you like a child, maybe someone else will.