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Sus. 250 Thoughts?

I have been taking about 500 mg of sus 250 for about two weeks now. I am not sure if this steriod is going to produce the massive size I want but it is the only steriod I have since I do not have any contacts.

Please give me some advise and what you think of this steriod.

Thank you in advance.

the steroid you have will mess with your blood levels. it has 4 esters of test. each one finishes and another one kicks in. unless its used for hrt, imo dont use it.

that’s all you have access to? dont use it. too much will aromatize and not only will you loose most of your gains coming off, you’ll probably get gyno.

all of which can be avoided if you inject every other day…and run a mild dose of an AI.

single estered tests are far superior.

I swear… sometimes I wish they would have never produced Sustanon 250…

“Ohhhh mannnnnn… FOUR DIFFERENT KINDS OF TEST!! I’ll grow FOUR TIMES as much!!!” More like your balls will fucking shrink four times as much b/c of the fluctuation of test levels in your blood allow estrogen to run wild on your body…

I’m also sick and tired of fucking guys who jump on a cycle and then eat McDonald’s 5 times a week.

“Fuck it man… I’m juicing, I"ll burn it off…” Then 8 weeks later when they have a big ass gut and a serious case of water retention they think they’re jacked… You’re not jacked you’re a fucking fat tub-o-lard with a resting heart rate of 105… You might feel hard but you’re a fat ass…

It’s people like that who make me glad that AAS ARE illegal…