Sus 250 Question

Would injecting just one vial of sus 250 give any help at all with energy levels. Also would just one vial be enough to exacerbate gyno or hair loss if it is pre-existing?


[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
What? [/quote]

I am surprised Bonez, you normally would have berated and slammed this troll to the ground, I guess the holidays have made you soft, j/k lol

In respones the question, WTF? please explain why you would take one vial?

One vial or one amp? If its 1 10ml vial then perhaps we can discuss anything less is just a waste

Unless you meant 1 amp at a time, over a certain amount of time

Yeah, sorry. 1 amp per week is what I meant for 4 weeks. Enough for side effects. Also, even worthwhile for a beginner?

No, not worthwhile in the least.


How much and how long would a person need to use before experiencing possible gyno or hair loss?

Less or more time than it takes to see results.

Stop asking retarded questions and do some actual research. Good day sir.

Thats what I am doing is researching If you don’t like the questions, you don’t have to answer :slight_smile: