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Sus 250 Pain

hey i just started my first cycle of sustanon 250 my first injection was 2 days ago i was fine yesterday alittle limp as every one experiences but today i find my self not being able to walk my second injection is tomorrow n was wondering wtf is up cuz i know no pain no gain but this is rediculous when i cant even walk.

im injection 400mg with a 25G needle at twice a week in my quad n was wondering how to make it not hurt so much i may have injected to fast but with a 25G 1 inch needle i figured it driped so slow out it it wouldnt of been an issue.

just wana get some feedback as to what i can do to decrease the pain and make my life functionable again

Try the glutes perhaps?

yeah i was told glutes shouldnt hurt as bad n i was even thinking of cutting it with a sterile oil to reduce the alcohol in it any ideas on which oil to cut a sus 250 with?

Or was also thinking of increasing the injections to 4 times a week instead of 2 breaking up my 800 into 4 200 injections probably alternating quads and glutes

you should be shooting it EOD so yes 4 200 injections is the way to go. Don’t mess around cutting it with oil. Just power through it gets much better every shot

My first quad injection hurt as hell, but after a few shots it gets better and better. Rotate between glutes and quads.

I wonder when people will realize that quads are by far the most common place for pepole to experience pain. (aside from calves, but that’s not too common)

When’s the last time anyone went to the doctor and the nurse’s/doc’s first choice for injection location was the quad?

Yes, I know a similar argument can be made for the VG but it’s not avoided because of pain, but more so for convenience if an abscess develops.


took a long hot hot bath n massaged it got it so i can limp around now yeah 200 per shot sounds a bit ezer on my muscle so i dont cause so much trama im also guna warm the shot up as ive heard that dose help the oil spread out so i dont end up with a softball in my leg again

Good plan even better plan to stay away from your leg delts and glutes are better. seriouly evey week someone starts this exact thread and everyone and they are all injecting in their quad

Oh so youre going to do more injections in your leg? Makes sense.

i would be alternating glute quad then the oposite ones no double injections