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Sus 250 or /Test E @ Age 16?


Wondering what are your thoughts about this.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster. Arnold saying you should not do anything that young, yet he did it.

"Do as i say, but not as i did"

Probably if he woulnt of done it that early he would of never been Mr.Olympia, think?


You just opened up a can of worms.


I know, but what are the thought's of people i just wonder.

I'm starting my cycle soon & I'm 16.

& Yes i'm aware of all sides ect.


You're obviously not aware of all sides.

If you were, you wouldn't be using at your age.


Yes i'm aware give me a side and i'll tell you if im aware of it or not (truthfully).

Yes am aware that i will have problems w/ hormone replacement,edicrone sys, and all that good stuff.


And why do you feel the benefits outweigh these sides, many of which would be less bothersome if you utilized your currently raging hormones?


Gain's would be so much higher since my hormones are crazy right now. And the earlier the better.


No, they wouldn't. It's not simple addition, and nor are gains linear to the amount of hormone secretion.


I have one question.

You must know that no one here will support the idea of a 16 year old doing a cycle, so why post here at all?

It is obvious you are just looking for attention. You started this thread with the intention of starting a conflict.


Yes i know that but im not looking for attention there might be some people that support it.


This statement contradicts itself. You can't even put together a coherent and logical sentance, yet you think you should be using steroids.

Im finished here. Hopefully this threads dies swiftly.


Do yourself a favor and go to Charles Poliquin's website and read all of his posts, especially the ones about boosting testosterone naturally.

-Pick up some Calcium D Glucarate, Pantethine, Holy Basil, Licorice Root, and Tribulus and follow his protocols and you will feel like you're on a cycle.

-If you're a fatty take 1.5-2g of ALCAR a day

-Pop a handful of amino acids caps every 2-3 hours

-Eat fish oil caps with every protein/fat meal

-Clean Up your diet

-Do German Volume Training

-Report back in 6 weeks for further instructiuons.



Pardon me? All that good stuff, eh? I dont condone any part of this. You both obviously don't know what the fuck you are doing or what your are going to fuck with. At 16, there is no way in hell that you've done everything in your power to grow. You're merely looking for a shortcut to hard work and attention. 2x to Bonez


I know a kid who started using steroids when he was 15. He got terrible gyno and a ton of acne, and now he just looks like a sack of shit.

I'm sure you have no idea what SERMs or AI's are either.


Ok, but genetically wise i'm good there

It has not even been a year and i've dropped from 32%Bodyfat & 230Lbs to 17-20%bodyfat & 180lbs.

I just cant seem to wait.


Now it that doesn't scare the panties off you OP, you're doomed.


Well it's a risk I can accomplish something greatly,or i can see my body shut down trying.


I'm the posterchild for using at a young age and before being anywhere near natural limits, (19 y/o, 6'1 175)....

and even I'm saying FUCK NO.



ok, this should explain a little bit about my feelings and the feelings about "responsible" users of AAS.

If i had a 16 year old that wanted to do anything to alter his hormones,I would take his lazy ass outside and beat the holy hell out of him.

and with that said, any type of test for a 16 year old is a loud,resounding,HELL NO.
want to get bigger,eat a chicken, and then a cow and then lift heavy things. simple as that


you will cease to use your own endocrine system (my what now...?) before it is fully developed. This makes for a harder recovery and is HIGHLY likely to cause ED problems in your 20's.