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Sus 250 or Australian Test Enanthate?


If i do do a shorter cycle like you suggest how should i proportion my 10mls?


10ml / 6wks?

10ml / 8wks ?

It isn't about how to divide the '10ml' - it is a question of how much do you need to get max results while minimising side effects.

The most common mistake amoung new users is buying a vial THEN figuring out the how, what and where.

You should figure out the cycle first based on goals etc, and then buy what is needed.

For example, 10ml of T is NOT enough for a cycle.


Why you think 10ml isnt enough? I was thinking 1ml for first 2 wks, 2mls for remaining 4wks?
I want "reasonalbe" gains with minimum sides. It is hard to judge ofcause as peoples bodies respond to AAS differently.


I am not answering for Brook and I'm sure he'll have something to say but my opinion is that you need to do a lot more research on AAS.

What do you have planned for ancillary drugs and PCT?


if ur test is only 100mg/ml ur going to need a lot more than 10ml to see any resulsts


Thanks for that. No really.



Sustanon 250 is 250mg/ml.. its all in the name brother :slightly_smiling:

Why though you think 10ml for a first cycle isnt enough? Doesnt my "1ml for first 2 wks, 2mls for remaining 4wks" hit the spot?


even at 250mg/ml 10ml wont make great results ,do the job right and get 2 bottles


No, why would it?

You ignored the part about needed to frontload a <8 week cycle with long esters.


OnÑ? thing i notice with my gear. i noticed a little bit of something in it.. looks like a tiny dust particle or something. is this normal? dangerous?


Not normal at all for well manufactured products.

If it is a sterile "dust particle" than you may be able to use the stuff if you pay close attention not to suck up the particle into the syringe. But how do you know that there isn't more stuff that you can't see with the naked eye.

If it were my stuff I'd throw it out, but it may be possible to filter it and then use it. PLEASE DON'T TAKE THAT AS A DEFINITIVE SOLUTION.