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Sus 250 or Australian Test Enanthate?


I have a choice of buying 10ml Sus or 10ml test e bladder. What is the best for a first cycler?



Virtually no difference - other than if the Sustanon is a Human grade Pharmaceutical product (Organon) in which case it will be better (as i assume that the bladders are UG or VG only).


What is a "bladder," exactly?


Yes, sus is hg, bladder is vg. Should the dosages be the same for my cycle?


Would there be just as much chance of sides from either?


They are both testosterone. The only difference is the presence of certain esters. The short esters in sustanon dictate that a more frequent injections are needed to keep the blood level stable. Injecting Test E more often than less often will keep levels as stable as possible but it is a longer ester than Sustanon's shortest (a little wordy, sorry).

I'd go with the Sustanon simply because it's human grade stuff. Unless the price is way higher though and you trust the quality of the Test E.


Thanks for the input. But yer that was a word full lol.
So your saying Sus needs more frequent injections compared to Test e (ie. 2pw compared to 1pw at the same dosage?)


More like EOD for sustanon and E3d or 2 per week for Enanthate


What should the dosages be? And i am still not sure if i want to do a 4wk or a 8wk cycle.


10ml bladder? that's quite small. Are you sure its not Ropel 250ml bladder, 75mg/ml.
You would need at least 40ml to do a cycle.


As for a 4 weeks cycle - this is ONLY feasable if you frontload. So you know.


Well ive decided to go for the Sustan 250 for my 1st cycle.
The person im getting the gear off said since its comin up to summer here i should start now and do > 10wk ON, 4wk off, 10wk ON. (finishing 2nd cycle early February)

2nd cycle i will be stacking with Deca.

Cant wait. Will be posting progress on this board



fucks sake.


Am I the only idiot around here who still doesn't know what the hell a "bladder" is (at least, in relation to this conversation!)?


I'm pretty sure it just a sachet, just a little bag filled with test.




You were going to do a nice decent moderate length cycle - 4-8 weeks. You know little about the drugs which is ok as you were going to run a short time, enjoy the results and recover.

Now you are wanting to do a longer cycle with insufficient time off to recover, followed by another lengthy run.

Many guys who do stuff like this find that it quickly becomes easier to just stay on after runs like that than try to recover.

Start cycling like that and then adding in Nandrolone and you will struggle to recover for quite some time afterwards - and as i said most guys cannot wait the time it takes to recover (depending on their physiology) and end up on TRT.




A "bladder" a testosterone product made for treatment/prevention of crotch rot (sheep). Manufactured in Australia for local consumption/ or export. They are packaged in a soft plastic bladder (think blood bags). Most popular ones: Ropel Test E 100ml, 75mg/ml, Virbac Test Prop 500ml, 100mg/ml.


Cool, Meph, thanks for explaining that for me (and all of the other silent guys out there who were wondering as well, but were too scared to ask :wink:!


I forgot to mention that they also came with a tube+huge needle, so you can attach it to the bladder, stick that 18 gauge in your butt, and give a big squeez :slightly_smiling:

Hardcore Farmer's cycle
one fist pump of unspecified amount of Testosterone solution per day

cycle length: long enough to use up 500ml of oil.