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Sus 250 Only Cycle

If I were to do a sus250 mg per week cycle would I inject 250mg once a week or 125mg twice a week?

Can you get test E or test C?

I really don’t like ester mixes. And neither should you.

If that’s all you have then twice per week minimum is the answer. Some suggest sus be pinned EOD

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Zeek is correct. Twice a week is the minimum with sustanon. But the reality is that the prop ester makes it so much harder because it really should be pinned eod. Now, will you have horrible side effects and die from only pinningbtwice a week? No. But it probably will make e2 management a little trickier. Although at only 250/w you may not even need to manage your e2 that much.

Why such a low dose? What’s the goal?

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The low dose is because it is my first time injecting and I will be happy with around 5kg of muscle gain (10 lbs).
I’ve heard of people pinning 250mg of sus twice a week, so 500mg p/w in total.
If I were to pin eod, what would be you’re suggested dose for each injection?

Any answers ???

If your running 250mg a week, pin 75mg eod. If your running 500mg a week, pin 150mg eod.

As said before though, your best bet is to run test E or C. It allows you to pin just twice a week, less injections is always better, especially if you new to it.

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