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Sus 250 + Nandrolone Cycle. 10 wks


Hi all. I have a client who started with me today. He has little to no development, but is very fit. Has dabbled with a lot of crossfit style training and boxing. He started his 1st cycle last monday.

1ml of sus + 1 ml of deca!

Now, everyone here knows I'm no expert on roids, but that seems like waaaay overkill to me. I haven't advised him on anything but safe injecting technique so far (he was injecting into his bicep) but I was thinking that he could half his dosages and have enough for 2 cycles with a layoff in between and still get great results just by working his diet harder, and of course training well.

He also has no PCT planned. I told him to call his dealer today and get some nolva. Just the standard 40/40/20/20 so far.

Any advice on what would be a saner cycle for him to do? Yes he has no business doing roids at all, but he's already made the decision so the most we can do from here is keep him as safe as possible.


Test should be 500mg / week to get better results.. That cycle should be good to go then, no point in halving the dosage if you really ment taking 125mg test and 100mg deca / week.. That does absolutely nothing.


Thanks Razil. So really... as sus is just another test. 1 ml is not really that much. 250 connotates 250mg/ml right? So really, he should be doubling his sus intake? Or should he just start injecting every 4th day with the same amount?


1ml of Sust twice per week. And most here will say to use Sust every other day. But I think twice per week is good for your guys situation. I am using 500mg/Sust & 460mg/Deca per week plus an oral. if he needs relevance he can check out my thread going on in this forum called New Cycle Test/Deca/Tbol. I am on week 4 of 12.


Tell him to drop the deca, not worth the trouble at this point for him.


Yes 250mg/ml. 1ml twice a week like Randizo said :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. Will do.

Westclock - I would, but he already has it going. He's on the track now so might as well continue. The main thing is he sees some worthwhile results, and gets some PCT happening so he can hopefully keep most of his gains.

Appreciate the help fellas.