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Sus 250-Karachi By Organon


Anyone ever use this particular type? If so, what kind of gains?


I'm currently on my first cycle. Stuff works. But a bit too early for anything conclusive. Will keep you posted


good gains but you have to inject it at least e3d quick strength gains because of the prop i think


Beware there are fake Sus250z from Karachi going around. The sus you have as an avatar I have personally taken but not what your showing in your thread. I can only think of one supplier that I know of off the top of my head that is (from what I've heard) responsible for the fakes, but I know little about it


Hope like hell that these are'nt fakes!! I'll let ya know a liitle later, On my first week so really can't tell anything yet. Thanks for the input fellas.


Any size come with the strength gains,lu79?
And taski_tan, let me know how it works out for ya.