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Sus 250 Experience?

I need some help from someone who actually uses/used sustanon 250. My friend is taking some slightly overdosed homebrewed sust from a local source. He said it feels like someone kicked him in the leg with steel toed boots for a few days after each injection. So we are working his injections around what body parts he is doing.

The first week we decided to front load with 250MG’s EOD then of course the 300mg’s deca injection every 7 days, which he said are smooth as butter. He said he has noticed strength gains already, within the first day or so, which I am guessing is from the prop.

Now the dilemma is how he is going to do injections. I personally think that 1/2 cc (125mg’s) EOD is going to give the most stable blood levels, and still stay around the 500mg’s a week mark. It will just be a bigger pain in the ass rotating sites and injecting more often. He is wanting to do 250mg’s (1cc) every three days.

What I need is personal experience from someone who actually has had good experience with sust, and what they prefer. I guess we could always just run this first 10ml’s out and switch to test E or C, but I know he is impressed with what he is seeing in the sustanon already.

just switch to injecting every 3 days (sust is best EOD, but E3D will work). both sust and deca in the same syringe. adding the deca may, or may not lessen the pain after injecting.

basic guidelines to help with post inject pain include massaging the area after, heating the oil prior (heating pad, or under the tap), taking a hot shower before, injecting nice and slow, keeping the pin steady during the inject…or just man up an accept the fact that it comes with the territory.

I’ve used Sus before, and I’m sure glad I used the proper Organon manufactured ampoules and not homebrewed gear! i did limp a bit afterwards, but in a strange way it was a pleasant kind of pain and stiffness…

From what I heard, the injection pain and/or swelling from some UG or homebrews is not pretty. Give me good human grade pharmaceuticals or quality vet gear anyday, over the feeling of being kicked in the leg with a steel capped boot!

the problem is the guy is mixing too much alchohol into the sustanon…find a guy that knows how to do it right and you will save a fortune

Well I know nothing about homebrewing, but if that were the case would he not be doing the same with other compounds? For example… say… the deca?

Either way he’s not complaining about the pain anymore so I don’t think its that big of a deal.

Btw we did mix a cc of deca and a cc of the sust, he said it helped a little bit.