Sus 250 Cycle

I’m 23 and was thinking of starting my first cycle. I have 11 amps of sus 250 and Clomid. Here are some cycles I made up. Any advice on which cycle to use would be greatly appreciated and I also maintain a good diet (chicken, tuna, salas etc)

mon/thurs, that gives me 6 days of rest on each glute.
6 wks
wk 1= 250(1amp)
wk 2-6= 500(2 amp) a wk
Clomid after 2 wk off

10 wks
wk 1-9= 250 a wk
10wk= 500
Clomid after 2 wk off

7 wks
wk 1-3= 250 a wk
wk 4-7= 500 a wk
Clomid after 2 wk off

Deja Vu?

Most people here are of the opinion that Sust is junk. Prepare for oscillating hormone levels.

If anything you want the higher doses at the beginning of the cycle.

wk1-750 mg
2-6-500 mg
wk 9-pct

6 weeks is pretty short though.

To really take advantage of the half life of the different esters Sust. needs to be an eod inject in my opinion.