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SUS 250-Bunk??

What’s happening fellas? Does anyone know if there is some bunk Sus 250 from organon, Karachi floating around? I’m a month into it and not getting any results, (500 WEEK)not even Libido changes, WTF? This is my 2nd cycle, my first w/ sus, it should’ve kicked in by now, right?

After a month you should be feeling something. I’m unsure if there is any fakes out under Organon. The only way to know for sure is to get it tested, but the costs too much to be worth it. IMO at 500mg/week for 4 weeks you should notice some changes, libido is usually one of the first.

I would side the opposite, Organon is a well-known brand and is therefore, much like British Dragon, a good target to counterfeit since few people would question their legitimacy.

That aside, I won’t say for certain it’s fake, since you haven’t mentioned what you’ve been doing with your body while on it (i.e., your work-out routine, diet, other factors).

There ARE known FAKES of Karachi Sus floating around. At least according to others who have posted just like you. Shit google it and you will see. I don’t wanna say the source I think it is but I have seen several threads around talking about it.

At 500mg/week of Sust, most guys have a non-stop erection that won’t stay down. I’m guessing bunk…