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Sus 250, Anavar, PCT. Suggestions?

Hey guys looking for some feedback on a cycle I’m thinking of doing.

Current stats 26 years old… 180lbs 10-12% b/f… 1 sustanon, masteron and hgh cycle roughly 15 weeks… few oral cycles of var.

Looking to do sustanon again…

Sustanon 250: Wk 1-12… 125mg EOD

Arimidex… 0.5 mg EOD

Anavar Wk 1-4… 40-60mg ED

Anavar Wk 8-12… 40-60mg ED

May add in masteron at end of cycle… Wk 7-12?

PCT… I have clomid and hcg… plan is to run hcg 10 days after last shot of sustanon. 800-1000iu for 4-5 days then 500iu for 3-4 days and 250iu for 3-4 days. Suggestions?

How should I run clomid/when to start? 50mg ED for how long? If I get nolva how long/dosage?


Clomid probably four weeks after your last dose of the sustanon. The clearance time is obviously longer on that one. Is that hcg dose your daily?

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Okay sounds good, I’ve researched and found some guys run clomid at like 50mg for 2 weeks then 25mg for two weeks… opinion? Also read a lot of dudes have gnarly sides with clomid… maybe get nolva?
I’ve read your suggestions on nolva 40/40/20/20… just to confirm that’s 40mg ED for week 1-2 and 20mg ED for week 3-4?

Yes my plan was to do 1000iu of hcg ED for 4-5 days (4000-5000ius) then 500 ius ED for about 3-4 days (1500-2000ius) then 250ius ED for 2-3 days (500-750ius)

Thanks for the help, much appreciated !

Nolva is better, but I didn’t want to assume you had access to it. You can go 40/40/20/20 or alternatively 20 for six weeks. That’s been having good results with a much lower incidence of side effects, at least based on various community’s anecdotes.

Awesome thank you! So I ran across some equipoise today for a solid price. Do you think it’s good to run 200mg a week for 8-10 weeks… 50mg EOD with the sustanon? Could I add masteron as well or not a good combo with sustanon, EQ, and masteron? Also plan to front load var for 4 weeks at 40-60mg.


That’s too low of a dose and far too little time. EQ is a long ester and it takes forever for the results to start to come in. Guys run it 16+ weeks at doses that are at least 600mg. There are guys on other forums that go 1g+ and don’t get much in the way of side effects, but it does not seem like a good long term plan.

Dang that’s pretty long… do you think 400mg/week for 10-12weeks would be solid? I’m not looking for big results. Goal is to gain 5-8lbs of muscle and retain almost all of it.

If you don’t want to run a compound for its effective length (or dose for that matter) I would drop it all together. Stick with the Sus/Mast/Var IMO. If you run the mast at the end just make sure to use Mast P and pin it EOD with your Sus.

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Yeah I feel that. Never run the EQ so just curious, I appreciate the help! Last time I ran last for 6-8 weeks at 400mg/week I saw really solid results. I’ll probably just stick to that for 8 weeks.
Thanks guys!

Hey guys!

11 and a half weeks through my cycle only a few jabs left till I’m done. I need help with pct or recommendations… I have HCG and Clomid on hand. I can’t get nolva but have arimidex on hand, would this help much if I ran .25 EOD?
Initially the plan was to run HCG 2 weeks after last sus injection for 10 days +/-. Would run 1000iu for 3-4 days taper to 750 then down to 500. Question on clomid… is it best to start 10-15 days after last sus injection?? My plan was to run 50mg for 3-4 weeks.

During the cycle I went from 184lbs to 200lbs. Kept my diet relatively clean. Very little water retention and very minimal bloat, maybe went up 1% +/- on bf%. I ended up running sus 250 500mg Per week for 12 weeks and ran the EQ for 6 weeks at 200mg (minimal results). I ran masteron propionate for the last 6 weeks at 200mgs p/w and saw good results.


If it is me, I would skip the ai, especially if you didn’t need it on cycle.

I would run HCG 500 iu EOD right after your last pin, then start the clomid 4 weeks later. You could do 25 mg to start, and run it longer. I would taper the serm off at the end if it was me.

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Agree with the above, start the Clomid four weeks after the last shot of sustanon. Hcg is a matter of your tolerance. I’m good on 1,000iu split twice a week just for maintenance, but I notice it raises my e2 like crazy, so I can’t go much above that. You’ll be in a weird state as the various esters in the sustanon unwind, so I would start the hcg on the lower side rather than get spiked with high e2 symptoms all at once. You can conceivably run 750 e3d for two weeks, then down to 500 for two, then start the Clomid.

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Thanks for getting back so quickly!

Noted!! I’ll probably run the 500iu EOD or e3d just to keep everything on the lower end.

I’ve heard clomid has pretty gnarly sides (never ran it) any suggestions or anything natural that could help balance some of the sides if I come across them? Also would it be okay to run clomid 25mg 2 weeks after last pin for 4 weeks? I’ve read a lot of guys run it around that time… maybe because they are using enthenate or prop?


You need to allow that four week clearance time, otherwise you’re just getting the side effects of Clomid without any actual benefit.

As far as what to do to mitigate said side effects, I don’t know what’s out there. I’ve never had to take it so I can’t speak from experience. The brain fog and fatigue can probably be minimized with simple things like good sleep and an extra cup of coffee here or there. The other sides are all related to your body’s endocrine system getting back to normal, so not much you can do there except tough it out.

Got it thanks for the help I really appreciate it!!:+1:t3: