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Who do you want to win the “Survivor” reality show???

I like this Matthew dude. He’s in great shape and from my area (DC) but he can’t play the mind game the way others can. Rob is the master game player but is a TOTAL wimpy nutbag. The others are kinda lame to me but it’s fun to watch none the less.

No fatties left on this show!

Talk about losing some fat! These people have taken the emaciated look to the max! Biotest should sponsor the next one and feed them surge and grow to see how much lean mass they can retain :slight_smile:

I’m going Matt too… he seems to have entered the heart of darkness… –

Heidi is one ugly chic. Now that she is a bone rack with them fake tits she scares me.
I hope Matthew wins or butch

First off… this season of Survivor has been awesome. The past few seasons have been REALLY bland to say the least. But I guess having 2 hot chicks like Jenna and Heidi will perk many interests…haha. That Rob dude is hilarious and Christie has been an amazing story. To be deaf and make it as far as she did is inspiring. Anyways, I think I am rooting for Rob, but Matt is a dark-horse. I guess we will find out next week!