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Survivor (SPOILER)

Well, looks like Ian won sissy-boy of the year award for giving up his shot at the million. He never should have stepped down, not ever.

Before my first college pool tournament, a senior member of the team - a little asian dude - took me aside and told me, “most important thing: never forget why you’re here.”

Looks like Ian forgot. Yuck.


I can’t believe Ian wussed out like that. I would have respected him more if he just said “yep, I’m playing the game, if you don’t want to be friends with me after this so be it, I’ll just roll around in my corvette and find some-one much much hotter…”

Tom hit the nail on the head though, by saying that Ian’s wishy-washy wussiness was due to lack of life experience…

It was a good finale, Tom deserved the dough, for sure. Glad the Jury recognized that instead of letting Katy’s lazy ass get the money.


Yeah Tom did a good job but I would have liked to see Ian challenge him more instead of becoming his son. Oh well. I guess every season can’t have someone as cool as Boston Rob…