Survivor : Pearl Islands

What does everyone think of the latest survivor series?
Who do you like to win it all?

I love how this one guy (can’t remember his name) can fish like nobodys business. His team has been chowing protein every day while the other team goes hungry. He seems to be the strongest as well.
Then there was the “outcast” group last week. That is just going to cause mayhem in the camps.
Not sure if it’s as good as the last survivor though…


Reality TV is a scourge on society. I"ve never watched reality in my life and i dont plan to. The insanity Must stop

Awe c’mon…You can’t tell me you didn’t watch Joe Schmo!
That was the best show.

joe schmo had to be one of the greatest shows ever!!

I saw a few of Joe Schmo. I didnt really get into it though. Sory i just dont like reality TV

ROFLMAO! You’ve never watched reality? LOL.

I agree with your assertion though.
I’ve seen Big Brother though, for the tits.