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Surviving Ohio Winter

Looking forward to 4 months of being trapped inside by Ohio winter I decided to purchase a 300lb barbell set and squat stand + bench. I’m 20 years old and have been lifting for 6 years but up till now haven’t be disciplined and haven’t been focused on doing the right things to get strong.
My goals are to get a solid strength base for overall athleticism (I play soccer and used to train muay thai and boxing which I plan on getting back into) and also to avoid and prevent injury which has plagued me since starting to play soccer again.

I plan to use the following schedule from November through February. Feedback is welcome, im slightly worried that it may be over training which ive had a problem with since playing soccer. I find training addictive and feel unproductive if I don’t train everyday.

monday- Squat 5x5, bench 5x5
tuesday - weighted pull ups 3x5, chin ups leg lifted 2 x 5
wednesday- squat 3 x 5, shoulder press 5x5
thursday- Ab wheel rollouts 3x10, side planks 3 set each side, pallof press press 3 sets, side bends 3 sets
firday- deadlift 5x5 bench 8 x 3
saturday- (ego/hypertrophy day) barbell curls 3x10, wrist roller 3 sets, crucifix dumbell hold 20 seconds x3 each arm
sunday- hanging leg lifts 3x8, side planks, pallof press press
7 days a week- 2x40 sets of calf raises and other foot&ankle rehab exercises my PT prescribed me for arch pain.

Ill also be doing 15 minutes of corrective stretching & foam rolling every morning and night.

Ive left out what % of my 5RM ill be using, etc. I am just aiming not to over complicate things. Ill be using heavy weight across the board, around 70-90% or my 5RM.

Thoughts on the program are welcome. Thanks for reading.
Cant wait to get under the barbell.

Im currently 5’9 a fairly lean 165-170 lbs (fluctuating)
My lifts leave a lot to be desired however, especially lower body which I neglected for far too long.
1RM (lbs) for Squat 210 , deadlift 280, bench 210, press 155, weighted chin 240