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Surviving Allergies

There’s a much older thread for this, but it kind of…starts off a bit too sexually hyped for me. So I just decided to make another.

I figured I can’t be the only one who deals with unruly allergies, so why not share and discuss ways we all survive the red noses, watery eyes, contact dermatitis, itchy throats, and continuous sneezing.


Thank you for making this, mine have been pretty awful lately. We cleaned the house pretty deep last weekend and it took 2 Benadryl and 2 hits of my inhaler to get to sleep after.

For awhile I could control mine with Zyrtec and Flonase but they’re struggling to keep up lately.

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For about 5 years I took loratadine and that did OK, but quit working. Then I took zyrtec for several more years and that was starting to trail off.

Then for what ever reason since this summer my allergies have completely disappeared. I asked my cardiologist if it might be one of my heart meds and he just shrugged and said maybe, and wierd stuff happens sometimes.

I also quit smoking so I’m sure that helped too. Nicotine definitely irritates the airways.

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Changed my life.

Follow it with Flonase and take a Claritan in the AM and a Xyxal in PM.

I take Claritin almost everyday. I need one right now. My mom has it worse than I do and I got her some of those Texas Allgery Drops at HEB. It seems to help quite a bit.

This is our go to cocktail in the hill country.

I’ve also been prescribed sublingual allergy drops in lieu of shots. Requires a full allergy test and work up and then the shots are customized for you. Takes a few weeks to feel the effects but we had clouds of cedar pollen blowing thru our backyard and I was pretty much unaffected.

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If I remember to keep up on the Flonase I usually do OK with my allergies. The sublingual drops sound like a pretty nice convenience compared to the shots, that was a pain in the ass leaving school to go to the office to get them. From about 18 to 22 I didn’t have many allergy problems at all, but they’ve come back in force since then.

Best news for me is that 1 year of Flonase is like $18 at Costco and 1 year of Zyrtec is $14. No excuse not to keep up on them other than my own forgetfulness.

It really needs to be Zyrtec D to be most effective but you have to get it from behind the counter at the pharmacy

I shop at HEB. Never heard of these.
Is this it…?

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Keep heading north until it’s too cold for your allergens to survive.

I didn’t even realize I had allergies until spending my first spring and summer in the Nashville area on a consulting gig.

They only act up on me in Maine on the days when everything is coated in pollen, and even then they aren’t nearly as bad as they were down south.

Between high blood pressure and anxiety I pretty much have to avoid anything with pseudoephederine in it. Phenylepherine is useless for me so I just suffer.

Then I suggest you do a little looking around for an Allergist that does custom drops. They take a while and cost about $500/year but I’m really seeing a benefit now

I couldn’t getbthe link to work, but this is what I got her.

That’s it. I’ll get it a shot…Thanks!

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Been having a fairly shitty eczema flare up for about 2 months. And allergens make it a thousand times worse. So far bandages or fluffy wrist bands are the only things that help. I have to sanitize the area, moisturize, and just have my wrists covered 24/7.