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Survived 16 Prison Assassination Attempts

Long story short. If you remember me. I am back. They said I was posting here for the Russians. Put fake charges on me John Gary Peeler style. And then tried to kill me in prison.

I whooped their CIA assassins over 3250 days until Trump dismissed my charges.

I am posting here to discuss fighting and self defense.

Specifically how John McCain and others shut down UFC and changed it and then made it fake like NFL to limit our ability to defend ourselves in situations like mine is necessary discussion.

I will also attempt to defend my thesis after witnessing 700 various melees with various weapons and being involved in about 30 myself, after extensive Gracie Jiu Jitsu before prison:

Football with Jiu Jitsu with Pro Wrestling beats all other styles.

Last assassination attempt. I threw a guy into a radiator and he was unconscious for over ten minutes. My cell mate went and got staff and a nurse came before he got up.

The guy then immediately wrote:

U.S. Personnel
Operations Center
P.O. Box 92480
Washington, DC

In an envelope that didn’t get put in the mail box because it was too big behind the glass. We all wrote down the address and were writing state senate saying the guy was a mole including the address. The mole had his charges dropped and was moved immediately.

I can tell you 10 other CIA assassins I whooped. And I will. That guy was called “Robert Copeland”.

“Clarence Johnson” stabbed me in my sleep 6/13/16. Pansy and I kicked his ass.

They never charged him and immediately released him.

Jiu Jitsu guys: he jumped on me in mount while I was sleeping on my side. But I made a tent to protect stabs while sleeping and he only stabbed the back of my head, side of face, and forehead before I elbow escaped and hip bump swept him.

What…is this…


This guy is either insane or has the most incredible story of all time. I haven’t read enough to make a call but this is the internet so…


He has another thread from 10 years ago discussing sacrificing children so I’m leaning towards the former.

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When I saw your post on my thread, I thought you were trying to be a Batman730 feigner, and wondered if you were trolling.

No, I didn’t mean that, in reality Matt Damon is presently sending a cyber Sykes-Fairbairn knife by 3D to off you for making his Jason Bourne character look bad in comparison.

Sorry to break the news pal, but I survived 160 prison assasination attempts, not to mention I won in a fight against 3 highly trained polar bears that were hired by the CIA and were wielding M134 mini guns, all while both my legs and arms were completely amputated.
An entire private military has been hunting me… and let’s just say they started 1000 strong, now they’re down to maybe 420.
I think any average Joe could take down a few CIA chumps, nothing to brag about.

(Edit, I forget to mention the Polar Bears were augmented genetically and the Assassination attempts in prison were carried out by CIA Cyborgs)


And you’re a CIA troll also

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alright sir, if this was real, why would you be posting about it on a public forum… and then posting you’re name…

Reddit is the place for this, whether it’s real or not, it’ll gain traction.

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Hilarious you mention 420. Maybe he can’t wait that long to start bogarting the stuff.

The Vatican :joy: this is incredible

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It actually does appear OP has been in jail before, his previous threads back this up, stalking charges or something.

However based on some other posts, it does appear as if he took a bad batch of something about fifteen years ago and never recovered…


@newbatman Weak… I fought off 100 Bear sized Geese that Had Clavicle lengthening surgery all armed with ARX Eccentric sniper rifles.


remember the dude on here who wanted clavicle lengthening surgery

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Yes the Vatican if you did not know created and pays Freemasons and various other groups like Knights of Columbus to control other countries…

But you may be a CIA Freemason troll and know this…

But to say ‘took’ a bad batch of something to explain me is blaspheming the Holy Spirit and it is the only sin that is not forgiven (Mark 3).

But back to combat:

UFC is fake since John McCain shut it down. And anyone that knows Gracie Jiu Jitsu can go to YouTube to see that Eddie Bravo and Sakaraba were frauds like Tom Brady used to discredit the best fighting system so people could not defend themselves.

You’re weak too… I did all of this while also squatting a duffle bag + my bodyweight


You’re a god

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Are you telling me you’re the Holy Spirit?

The bad batch thing was a joke… obviously, it’s just… paranoid, full of conspiracy theories, far fetched, out of this world story (with real name attached)… Were you part of MK ultra (another joke).

This is a pretty bangin tune tho