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Who’s the better bodybuilder triple H or Scot Steiner.

Who are generally stronger olympic lifters or power lifters?

Triple H is bigger but Steiner is more ripped up, nonetheless they are both retards. As for PL vs OL, I think it’s an apples and oranges situation because the two sports are so different. Although if you took a top PL’er and top OL’er and place them in the opposing sport I think the powerlifters may have the advantage, assuming they had proper technique.

Have there been many crossover athletes between OL & PL? I’d like to know more about some success stories among such crossovers.

i think steiner had the better physique, but looking at him on monday, i think hhh is better overall. much more proportinate. big poppa pump has some gigantic arms, but his chest is no where to be seen, and he has some bad gh gut. the game, is pretty much good all over, although if he were ever to compete, he could probably use just a little bigger legs.

I would say powerlifters are generally stronger but O-lifters usually have more athleticism. The only crossover athletes I know of are Mark Henry and Shane Hammon, who both went from PL to OL.