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Survey Winner!

Thanks to the 400+ people who answered the survey and got signed up to win the <a href="http://tstore.biotestedge.com/index.jsp"target=“new”>HOT-ROX prize package.

Most people seem to be going to the gym to lose weight, build muscle and look better overall, but as many pointed out, this usually leads to good health and longevity anyway. The same can be said for training for performance and strength. Almost as a side effect, you’ll end up looking better and being healthier.

As for the HOT-ROX drawing, the winner is . . . AaronMC48!

Your HOT-ROX, T-shirt and water bottle are on the way!

Congrats man.
Just got my T-Nation shirt the other day from the last contest, thanks again guys.


Your gonna like Hot Rox.

Biotest using the Drug Dealer method to get new customers;

“hey kid want a couple of bottles of Hot Rox?”

“Um Yeah Sure”

“Ok the first two are free, but after your Hooked the rest you got’s to pay fer”

Aaron, We expect a full report of your opinion of Hot Rox. Be sure to get your before and after pics/stats too.


Thanks for the Hot-Rox. This was totally unexpected. I don’t even have anything prepared…

Seriously though, thank you.

I will be sure to give a full report on my Hot-Rox progress ASAP!

Thanks again,


Congrats! Let us know just how shredded you end up getting!