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Survey of TRT/Doses and Effects

For those of you on TRT:

what was your test level prior to TRT?
what doses did you try?
what was your test level after each dose?
how long before you felt the effects?

  1. 150
  2. .5 ml 200 mg weekly
  3. 6 months - 500
  4. 2-3 months
  1. 135
  2. 200mg’s week
  3. 1000 plus or minus om day before injection
  4. 3-4 months

Until I got my E2 under control the effects weren’t as noticeable…then they were.

  1. 10th percentile
  2. .8 ml (200mg/ml)
  3. 800-900
  4. About 16 hours! I had morning wood the next three mornings in a row. Hadn’t felt that good in years. If you mean strength gains/fat loss… hey, it’s an ongoing process!
  1. 8 nMol/L
  2. 5 grams androgel gel/day (0.05g of T)
  3. 17NMol/L
  4. it depends on various levels from 2 weeks to 2 months

Then I started to be less tired, to lose weight and gain mass. I never had problem with my Johnson, but the desire was less there

Can someone convert Ourouk’s labs to our measurements? Not often we see an Androgel guy in here.

Beerman split your shots up and go subQ and you’ll get your levels higher.