Survey: New Forum Category

No plans to do this right now, but some have suggested that T-mag add a martial arts category to the T-forum. What do you think?

It would depend. Are there that many MA people out there? What benefit would a MA forum have over the current Renegade and Training forums? Just my personal opinion, but I think too many forums are too much trouble.

Bangin’. I love it. Let those of us who enjoy the martialist artisticness get our fight on via discussion.

I’d like to see Training and Nutrition broken up.

I’m not sure if this requires a different board.

Probably a “combat arts” board so that not just MA, but MMA, and boxing could be discussed.

I think the MMA/MA/Wrestling/Boxing thing is just semantics. “Combat Arts” I suppose is general enough.

Let’s talk fencing.

…anyway, functional training for Martial Arts discussion is always a plus for me.

I second Derek thoughts Training and Nutrition should be broken up.

I’m all for it, but with all the other forums, i do not know if it is really necessary

There are scores of MA-oriented sites that offer the targeted training needed for martial arts. Info on the same board for, say, Ultimate Fighting Championship and Aikido would be a huge mess. I’d love a 'Functional Training/ athletics ’ board, which would definitely be useful for budo.

I don’t believe it’s necessary.

I also think that it probably isn’t necessary…

I don’t think its necessary either too much focus spread all over the place. I think it should just stay the way it is, cause Even though I am a martial artist I think t-mag should strictly weight lifting and nutrition, steroids etc. Once we left MA in there then well start having articles on MA written and I personally think that i wouldn’t like that, Its good exactly how it is.

The T&N board should NOT be broken up. More than half the time the newbies who post have problems that require a two-pronged solution, and frankly, there are enough forums as it is now.

I wouldn’t particularly object to having an MMA forum or something, but it wouldn’t be anything that I would participate in myself. And I don’t think that it’s strictly necessary in any case.

I think we alrady have enough forums to address almost all issues.

depends how many MA guys there are. If theres enough to keep it steady moving, Id say go for it. I mean if you went to make a broad forum like funtional athletic training type forum, what about Ice dog, and renegade?

I practice MA. But I fail to see how having a new forum dedicated to TMA, MMA, CS would improve the site.

Currently we could talk about MA on any of the forums, such as the renegade and ice dog forum.

Not to mention MA threads will still appear on both Coach Davies and Christian’s site to get their perspective on things.

I’m not into MA but can’t see that it would benefit a lot, I can’t see CT or Coach Davies participating in it and most of the MA guys appear to incorporate some or all of their stuff in their training. Any other bits get covered in T&N.
If you had a specialist MA moderator, writer, contributor as with the other forums it may be a different story.

What about getting some MA or MMA wizz for a guest forum? Mike Mahler seems to have a few contacts perhaps he can help.

Leave T&N as is.

I’m with Derek on this one.

Agree with most, as a boxer myself I could deinately enjoy the forum dedicated to the fight game. But, ultimately I don’t see the need to seperate it or them!

da Boxer